Top Ten Reasons The First Tee National School Program is Unique

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By Benna Cail
The First Tee, Senior Director,
Outreach Programs & Implementation 

0178_FirstTee_HendricksWhile The First Tee National School Program introduces the game of golf to elementary students during physical education classes, it’s so much more than golf. Our program provides opportunities to equip and empower students to overcome challenges in school and all areas of their lives, for a lifetime.

Here are 10 reasons why this program is uniquely suited to have a positive impact on students and physical educators:

  1. Easy to Implement – The National School Program layers motor skills, core values and healthy habits within the kindergarten – 5th grade lessons. This design makes the program manageable and teacher-friendly for just about every teaching situation.
  1. Thorough Lesson Plans – Each lesson plan outlines key learning objectives for the three domains of student learning: Psychomotor, Cognitive and Affective.
  1. Alignment to National PE Standards – With the inclusion of basic golf motor skill concepts and character education, The First Tee National School Program lessons address ALL five national PE standards.
  1. Proven Teaching Methods – Simple, highly effective teaching methods equip teachers to actively engage students to solve problems and discover answers. The safety measures of each lesson establish an environment of security where students are free to explore.
  1. Student-empowered Learning – Rather than repeatedly telling the students what they should be learning, “higher order” questions are used to cause students to think and come up with viable answers for themselves.
  1. Activity-based Character Education – Physical educators can easily observe and track when a child demonstrates a specific behavior associated with the “core value of the day.”
  1. Healthy Habit Warm-up Activities – Flexible enough to be delivered with all physical education units, each lesson’s warm-up provides opportunities to learn about physical, emotional and social health.
  1. Bridge to Life – Physical educators prompt students to think about how they can show the core values and healthy habits beyond the gym – including in their classroom, at home and in all areas of their life.
  1. Assessment and Measurement Outcomes – Sample assessments are provided to assist physical educators with designing lessons based on their unique teaching situation and setting.
  1. Training and Resources– Physical educators are required to successfully complete training by national board-certified trainers. Ongoing support and resources are also available to physical educators.

Interested in bringing The First Tee National School Program to your community? Find out more today!

5 responses to “Top Ten Reasons The First Tee National School Program is Unique

  1. An outstanding program for my K-5th grade students! I highly recommend incorporating the Healthy Habits, Core Values and Safety protocols in your gym throughout your school year! The students love this fun, engaging introduction to golf! Great work The First Tee!

  2. Parent who has child involved in first tee summer program would like school to become informed

  3. Dear Haley,
    Thank you for your interest in bringing The First Tee National School Program to your school! I have forwarded your request to our Outreach department and someone will follow up with you shortly.

    Thank you again,
    The First TEe

  4. Hello, I would love to see my nephew involved in First Tee this summer. Where can I get more information about program. He’s fifteen going on sixteen. I need more information soon.

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