In Elementary Schools

Bring Golf to Your School

Upgrade Your Child’s PE Experience

For many students, PE is a welcome break from the confinements of their desk. It’s an opportunity to join classmates in fun and engaging activities that promote health and wellness. As parents and teachers, we like it, too, because we know the benefits of physical activity include:

  • improved concentration and memory
  • increased performance on standardized academic tests
  • faster cognitive processing speed

Your child may learn sports like soccer, basketball and baseball during PE, but what about golf? It’s a game anyone can play!

We Make It Easy

The First Tee National School Program gives physical educators all the tools to get started. We provide the training, equipment and lesson plans that integrate golf skills, motor skills, core values and healthy habits.

In more than 9,000 elementary schools across the United States, many students are teeing off for the first time thanks to The First Tee National School Program. We can bring our curriculum to your child’s gym during physical education class. The First Tee National School Program helps elementary students learn about the basic skills of golf through safe and fun activities. By also incorporating The First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits, we’re putting students on course to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Getting Started

Ready to upgrade your child’s PE experience?  It’s easy to get started.

  1. Contact our Outreach team by completing this form.
  2. We’ll work with you to identify funding opportunities (this can be the school, a donor, or corporation).
  3. Once funding is identified, we’ll train the PE teacher.
  4. After the teacher is trained, the curriculum and equipment is delivered to the school.
  5. Students start enjoying golf in school!

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Former Students Return to their Elementary School to Teach Golf

Each year, elementary students across the country tee up for the first time during PE. Through The First Tee National School Program, PE teachers are trained to teach golf in school. But this time, it was former students that gave the golf lesson. Madison Lehr and Meg Lavinder from The First Tee of Greater Richmond …

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