Youth Recognized by The First Tee for Outstanding Academic Achievement

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More than 9,100 junior golfers from The First Tee have been recognized for receiving A/B Honor Roll during the Fall 2013 semester — a record-breaking number!

Sponsored by Founding Corporate Partner Shell Oil Company, The First Tee A/B Honor Roll program recognizes outstanding academic achievement of all participants.  Twice a year, participants are asked to submit their report cards if they’ve earned all As and/or Bs (or the equivalent).

Students who submitted their A/B honor roll report cards received a Certificate of Achievement signed by The First Tee Chief Executive Officer, Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. to acknowledge their hard-work.

Congratulations to our junior golfers to who earned A/B honor roll this last semester!

Top Five Chapters with A/B Honor Roll Students in Fall 2013

  1. The First Tee of Monterey County – 841 A/B honor roll students
  2. The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin – 271 A/B honor roll students
  3. The First Tee of Phoenix 246 – A/B honor roll students
  4. The First Tee of Delaware – 225 A/B honor roll students
  5. The First Tee of the Triangle – 220 A/B honor roll students

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