The First Tee Coaches, Mentoring Our Youth

coaching EmmaCaring adults who are passionate about seeing kids and teens succeed are essential to The First Tee’s mission. Chapter staff and volunteers play a key role in creating positive relationships that inspire junior golfers to discover their individual potential.

And parents are taking notice.

Here is a note from parents Dale and Christie Moe who know firsthand the impact adult role models and mentors have at chapters of The First Tee.

“Our son is a participant at The First Tee of Greater Seattle. Evan Johnsen is the chapter’s program director and I just want to say a few words about him and the program.

Evan is the kind of person who makes every child and parent feel recognized and appreciated.

He knows all the kids’ names along with their strengths and weaknesses. He is always so positive with a great smile and an encouraging word. He attends every event and manages to talk to every family, making them feel special, as if they were the only ones in the room.

Our son has a shunt and is unable to participate in other sports, so golf has been a perfect fit. Neither Evan nor the coaches ever make our son feel like he is different. They just make him feel unique and cherished.

This program is so incredibly wonderful – I just can’t say enough about it. What an absolutely amazing bunch of folks that take the time to coach and mentor these great kids.”

With much gratitude,
Dale & Christie Moe

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