School is Back, and so is The First Tee National School Program!

NSP 5 School is back in session, but that doesn’t mean all the fun has to end! Because physical education programs are a great way to introduce young people to new activities, The First Tee National School Program was developed to give students the opportunity to learn how to play golf during their P.E. classes. Using developmentally-appropriate equipment and curriculum, complete with fun-filled activities, The First Tee National School Program is aimed at enhancing students’ appreciation for the positive personal and social values of golf. NSP 7 Launched in 2004, the National School Program is a program that integrates golf skills and motor skill development with character education. Through golf, the program promotes personal character development with ­The First Tee Nine Core Values and also focuses on wellness education through ­The First Tee Nine Healthy Habits. Physical educators delivering the program are formally trained and certified by The First Tee and use developmentally appropriate lesson plans and equipment in their classes. NSP 6“The First Tee offers opportunities for our students to be exposed to a lifelong sport, as well as character education and healthy habits,” said Dr. Stacey Mabray, senior director of curriculum and instruction for Richmond County Schools in Georgia. “Our schools take great pride in the character education we provide, and The First Tee curriculum is a great complement to it.” Already in more than 800 school districts across the county, The First Tee is working to expand the National School Program to 10,000 schools by 2017. And with the help of partners like Southern Company, The First Tee’s Education Patron, the program will be implemented in 1,000 schools over the next five years in the Southeastern United States. NSP 8 NSP 9“The First Tee National School Program has been very well received by educators throughout the country and provides a quality, in-school golf curriculum that develops competency, understanding and progression through movement and physical skills,” said Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., chief executive officer of The First Tee. “But even more exciting is the opportunity to involve children as young as five in seamless character education and health lessons as part of their physical education, and continue that through their elementary school experience.”