Because of The First Tee, Brittany has Learned to 'Dream BIG'

Brittany Woo

“There are three simple words that have changed my life: THE FIRST TEE.

Because of The First Tee I learned how to have fun, to dig deep, to stretch, to dream big.

My story with The First Tee begins with learning how to have fun.

Brittany Woo_driving golf ball

The program taught me that having fun encompasses learning how to be patient, how to be positive on a constant basis, and knowing that it is alright to ask for help.

For the longest time, I was ashamed and embarrassed of asking for help. I believed that asking for help was a sign of weakness and inability to do things. However, because of The First Tee, my outlook on it completely transformed.

Through the guidance of my chapter’s program director, I was able to see that asking for help actually transcribed into the growth of a person and gaining the knowledge of foreign concepts. But most importantly, asking for help leads to the ability to effectively communicate and work with teams of people.

Brittany Woo_Life Skills and Leadership Academy 2012The First Tee doesn’t only build character, develop our life and leadership skills needed to be successful academically and in the work force, but the program instills the values needed to become a moral human being. It instills the nine core values such as judgement, confidence, and my favorite, perseverance. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the drive to push forward whenever I faced an obstacle, or to be empathetic when judgement was needed.

But what truly makes my days at my chapter count, what really tugs at my heart, are the connections and relationships that have been created through this program and the game of golf.

Brittany Woo_PLAYer Advanced Academy 2013Not many are lucky enough to say they have life-long friends in different states.
Not many of us are lucky enough to say that their coach is also their life coach and their second father.

And not many are lucky enough to say that they have impacted younger generations through the game of golf. But I am.

Through The First Tee, I have a chance to dig deeper into giving back and impact the youth that will be leading society one day. Having volunteered more than 500 hours at my chapter and in my community, I have had the opportunity to connect, mentor and build relationships with junior golfers, helping them foster and grow into leaders and bright individuals. It warms my heart to watch them grow and be successful on and off the golf course, and then hear them thank me for helping with their success.

I now have the ability to impact younger generations the same way The First Tee has impacted me.”

PwC logoThe above is an excerpt from a speech given by Brittany Woo. Brittany is an Ace-certified alumna from The First Tee of Richmond & Chesterfield who attended the 2015 PwC Executive Business Forum during THE PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra, Fla.

Brittany was selected, along with three other alumni, based on her designation as The First Tee Scholar and interest and/or major in areas such as business management, economics, finance and accounting.

This Forum hopes to heighten their awareness of corporate America, teach them about the business of a top accounting firm, and introduce them to client executives.