The First Tee’s Top 10 Activities For A Great Summer

School Is Out and Summer Is In!

By Chelsea Coleman

Summer should be about building lifelong friendships, having a safe place to play and enjoying the outdoors. That’s why The First Tee is a great place to be this summer!

Check out our list of top 10 ways to have fun at The First Tee this summer:

1. Attend a chapter’s summer camp: What is summer without camp? Chapters across the country hold a variety of golf camps and clinics over the summer. Take advantage of it! 2. Make a new friend: Arrange a tee time with someone new at your chapteryou never know how a person will impact your life, or how you will make a difference in theirs. 3. Practice a Healthy Habit: Golf is a great fitness activity. Try walking 18 holes instead of renting a cart.  Don’t forget sunscreen! 4. Have a life changing experience: Hundreds of our teen participants have been selected to attend our national events happening across the country this summer. They’ll work on golf and leadership skills while meeting other like-minded junior golfers in the network. If you’re not attending an event this summer, make it a goal for next year! 5. Watch a golf tournament: Whether it is a chapter event, professional tournament, or just on TV, don’t miss the opportunity to see competitive golf. You will learn more about the game and have fun while watching it! 6. Demonstrate a Core Value: Honesty. Integrity. Sportsmanship. Respect. Confidence. Responsibility. Perseverance. Courtesy. Judgement. These are the Nine Core Values. How will you demonstrate a one this summer? 7. Volunteer at your chapter: Almost nothing feels better than volunteering, so find out how you can give back to your community today! You could become an assistant coach at the chapter or help with administrative work—many of our chapters rely on volunteers! 8. Practice your golf skills: Set a SMART goal (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) this summer focused on improving your golf game. 9. Introduce a friend to golf: Do you know someone who has never played the game? This summer is the perfect time to bring them out for a fun day on the course. Introduce them to some of The First Tee Life Skills, like the three tips to having fun and “personal par.” 10. Be Creative! Next time you’re practicing, play a few holes with only one golf club to test your skills! And don’t forget your core values—especially perseverance!