7 Reasons You Want The First Tee Coaches on Your Go-To Team

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The First Tee and its coaches are unique for a number of reasons. Our focus on youth development, activity-based learning and life skills curriculum sets us apart from other sports programs. However, we couldn’t accomplish anything without our quality coaches.

Training Coaches to the Highest Level

Positive youth development and learning happens through a meaningful, quality relationship with coaches you can trust. More than 3,900 coaches, including PGA and LPGA professionals and volunteers, donate their time to The First Tee because they believe strongly in our mission.

Here are seven reasons The First Tee Coaches should be on your child’s Go-to team:

coaches1. Our coaches receive quality training.
The First Tee Coach Program was created with the help of many experts to successfully train coaches to deliver the highest quality experience available in youth development through sport.

2. Our coaches are mentors.
Our coaches are trained to do more than teach the fundamentals of a golf swing. In fact, we train coaches to be mentors – in golf and in life.

3. Our coaches empower youth to make healthy choices.
Young people actively participate in the decision-making process. Coaches develop positive relationships and take a student-centered approach.

4. Our coaches foster continuous learning.
We train coaches to foster long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes. Coaches engage young people in feedback and identify coachable moments.

coaches5. Our coaches create activity-based learning environments.
Our philosophy is “doing versus telling.” Coaches create fun, experience-based learning environments for participants, teaching life skills while playing golf games and activities.

6. Our coaches encourage participants to develop and improve skills.
Participants learn to seek challenging tasks and push themselves to develop new skills. The goal is for young people to become their own best coach – whether on the course, at school, at home and in life.

7. Our coaches demonstrate The First Tee Code of Conduct.
Coaches encourage young people to follow these behaviors while at The First Tee and in other aspects of life: Respect for myself, respect for others and respect for my surroundings.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities near you, contact a chapter today.

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  1. I would love to get back into the first tee coaching aspect. I volunteered at the greater New Orleans first tee program. The goals we set as a team were met and exceeded most of them. My biggest problem is that I’ve moved from the New Orleans area and its not a program in our area.

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