Top 10 Things to Look for in a Summer Camp

Summer is just around the corner, which means if you are a parent you’re probably busy searching for the best possible summer camp experience for your children. Although the opportunities are endless, it’s important to make sure a summer camp or program is a right fit for your family. Where is it located? How long will my child be there? Is it safe? To help you find the best place for your child to spend their time this summer, we put together several key factors that parents should consider.

1. What is the Summer camp’s emphasis?

The kind of camp experience your child may want to have is very important. Do you prefer a specialized camp that focuses on a specific theme like sports, education or arts? Or are you looking for a camp that offers a variety of activities? Make sure you know the general focus of a camp when considering.

2. Are the Summer camp staff qualified to teach your child?

Know who works at the camp and who your child will be spending time with. Are they trained? Have they worked with kids before? Depending on the camp, the requirements to be a counselor/coach can vary. You want the staff to be interested in engaging and interacting with your children.

3. Will your child be safe?

Is there trained first aid staff nearby? Are there lifeguards when children are swimming? Does the camp do background checks on all employees?

4. How is the social environment?

Camp is a place for your child to make friends and form lasting relationships. What’s the age group? Is it both boys and girls? These questions can help decide if your child will integrate well with the other kids.

5. What does a typical day/week look like?

Does the camp have an organized schedule that will keep your children interested in the program? Is my child being included on all activities? Making sure that your child is engaging in activities they love may be the most important factor when looking for a camp.

6. How does the camp approach discipline?

Parents want to know and feel more comfortable with a camp that practices values and rules similar to their own parenting practices at home. If a child understands the rules and core values within a camp, they are more likely to have a positive experience.

7. Is the camp accommodating to personal needs?

Does your child have a food allergy or a medical condition? Parents want to know that their child is being taken care of. Anything and everything can be questioned when it comes to your child’s care.

8. How does the camp communicate with the child’s family?

Can you stay updated with your child’s progress at camp? Will you be notified if anything happens to your child? Find a camp whose communication with children and their families is a top priority to make sure you know where your child is at all times.

9. What does the camp cost?

Maybe finances are an issue. Check to see if the camp provides a financial aid package or scholarships; whatever it takes to get your child involved for the summer.

10. How successful has the camp been in the past?

Parents don’t want to send their child to a camp that other children don’t like. What is the return rate at the camp? Do children come away from the summer with an unforgettable experience?


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