3 Reasons Why Children Need More Outdoor Time

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Imagine your childhood was spent mostly indoors. How different would it look?

Studies show that kids today are spending less time outside – enjoying only an hour or less of outdoor time each day. In fact, according to the Dirt is Good initiative, “on average, children now spend less time outdoors than a prison inmate.”

At The First Tee, we want to help change that statistic. Here’s why:

multisport 31. Children need to play for their health.

The First Tee Nine Healthy Habits promote healthy, active lifestyles for young people. The healthy habit “play” states that a variety of energizing activities can help the body stay strong, lean and fit, and be fun in the process. With the youth obesity epidemic in our country, outdoor activities and sports helps young people get off the couch.

2. Playing outside is good for the mind.

Children who play outside sharpen other skills – like language and problem-solving. Research shows1 “children use five times as many words when they play outdoors compared to indoors.” Studies2 also indicate increased fitness and sports activities leads to improved academics and attention spans.

3. Sports help strengthen interpersonal skills.

2404M_croppedSports and group activities can help build young people’s self-confidence and social interactions. One of The First Tee Nine Core Values is respect and the importance of showing respect for oneself, playing partners and fellow competitors.

Golf is a fantastic game that combines enjoying the great outdoors, life values and quality time with friends and family. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of young people by providing a safe place to play and coaches who care. Learn more about our program »



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