Finding Family at The First Tee

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Family: A group of people (related or not); often held together by bonds of devotion and shared values and goals. At The First Tee, one of our Nine Healthy Habits is family. Families are vitally important in providing the first social interactions for a young person and set the basis for future healthy relationships. And each family is unique. Eleven-year-old Dylan Clanton may not have the most traditional family setting, but it’s loving all the same. After two deaths in the family, when he was 5 and 7 years old, Dylan and his little brother, went to live with his great-grandmother, Anita. “He was a joyful, hopeful, loving little boy—even from four years old—whose dream was to be a golfer,” Anita said. “He watched Golf Channel all of the time. When he found an old golf club in a plastic bucket in the garage, he taught himself how to hit the golf ball.” She knew Dylan needed not only a place to play golf, but a community of young people and mentors. That’s when she found The First Tee of Greater Tyler. Since joining The First Tee, Dylan has added to his family: friends to practice with and quality relationships with coaches who help guide him. “From that first moment, his favorite place in the world was playing golf and going to the chapter,” Anita said. “And win or lose, his smile is continually there, just because he loves golf, loves being on a team, loves playing with his friends and loves the coaches who mentor him.”

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Our mission is to help prepare kids and teens from all backgrounds for success in all areas of life. By providing a fun and safe environment, kids are able to make friends with others their age and are provided mentors in the form of our trained coaches. Get involved today! Find a Chapter