Why does this mom love The First Tee?

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At The First Tee, we’re introducing kids to the sport of golf, and changing their lives along the way. One mom shares the story of how her daughter started with The First Tee and has come full circle as an assistant coach.  Below is a letter from a Deborah, thanking coaches at The First Tee of Greater Seattle for making life-changing differences in her daughter, Bronte’s, life.

I love The First Tee for very personal reasons.

My daughter Bronte is presently an assistant coach for The First Tee of Greater Seattle at Crossroads Par-3 Course in Bellevue, Washington. This also happens to be the course that she has been a student and a volunteer and an assistant and an intern … all of which began when she was 8 years old. She’s now 17.

She has developed into a most extraordinary young woman with a great head on her shoulders and a strong future in golf as a professional, coach and educator. She loves her TARGET (ages 5-7) players!

With aspirations for the LPGA, thanks to mentoring and stewardship from people like Evan, and Val, and the beloved Cal, and Ann Swanson, and so many others, she is determined, dedicated, and well on her way; and she gives back every step of the way.

She was featured in The First Tee of Greater Seattle’snewsletter at one point after attending The First Tee’s 2015 Life Skills & Leadership Academy and that made her day; and it made her mother cry tears of love.

I write to say thank you for everything you do for every young person and especially the young women. I’m pleased to know that the summer season at Crossroads in Bellevue essentially has women as 50% of the coaches. That is fantastic. Much appreciation.

Mother and number one fan,

Deborah Drake
Aka Bronte Polette’s mom

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