Former Students Return to their Elementary School to Teach Golf

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Madison Lehr and Meg Lavinder from The First Tee of Greater Richmond teach golf to elementary students.

Each year, elementary students across the country tee up for the first time during PE. Through The First Tee National School Program, PE teachers are trained to teach golf in school. But this time, it was former students that gave the golf lesson.

Madison Lehr and Meg Lavinder from The First Tee of Greater Richmond visited their alma mater, Laurel Meadow Elementary School, to help deliver The First Tee National School Program. Now middle school students, Madison and Meg are enrolled in The First Tee Life Skills Experience classes as Birdie Level participants.

“The First Tee has opened many opportunities to me and other player, so I wanted to pass my knowledge of the program on to other kids,” Madison said. “The First Tee is not only teaching golf, but more importantly teaches core values, and that is a great thing to pass on to other kids. I liked seeing the kids progress at their stations with the smiles it brought.”

Meg said, “I knew how golf positively impacted Madison and me when we were in elementary school and wanted to help the kids at Laurel Meadow Elementary School understand what the sport has done for both of us. I loved seeing their little faces when we told them they were doing a great job and it felt like we made their day better. Some students showed lots of interest in the sport and and asked me where the nearest golf course was.”

Encouraged to Give Back

As participants progress through The First Tee Life Skills Experience, older participants are encouraged to mentor and coach younger kids as a way to give back to their community. In fact, 91% of alumni say they engaged in community service while in The First Tee, and 72% of alumni still do.

Additionally, 84% of teens and 85% of alumni credit The First Tee for helping them be a better student in school while 83% of teens and 90% of alumni consider themselves lifelong golfers.

Bring Golf To Your School

Through partnerships with 10,000 schools, The First Tee is reaching kids where they spend time. The program gives elementary students the opportunity to learn golf and The First Tee’s Nine Core Values.

Interested in bringing the National School Program to the elementary school in your area?

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2 responses to “Former Students Return to their Elementary School to Teach Golf

  1. Meg and Madison are two of the most mature young ladies I have had the pleasure to know and teach. The First Tee Program is awesome and I was honored that they wanted to come back and promote all they have learned. Kudos to their parents and First Tee for raising these promising young women!

  2. Wow that is so amazing ! I’ve help coach First Tee kids off and on for years. This us the very EXAMPLE that I learned and promoted in my life skill classes GIVING BACK especially in your community. The First has always kept excellent research materials and experiences that help the future of the Game and the Game of LIFE. Luv it !?

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