6 Ways to Get Noticed by a College Golf Coach

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Playing golf, or any sport, at the college level is competitive. What does it take to get noticed by a college golf coach? T.D. Luten, the assistant coach for the Duke University Men’s Golf Team and past executive director at The First Tee of the Triangle (2005–2012), shares his thoughts on how...

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The First Tee’s Role in Sports and Physical Activity

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Participation in sports and physical activity continues to decline among young people, yet we know there are many health, educational, social and psychological benefits to ongoing participation. Here are five ways coaches at The First Tee create healthy environments for young people engaging in s...

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Girls Golf: Leading the Way with Female Role Models

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By Rachel Maruno, The First Tee Senior Manager, Coach Training  Young people today, especially girls, are experiencing more pressure than ever. Peers, parents, school and media all influence a girl’s concept of how she should look and act. The First Tee junior golf and life skills programs s...

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