A safe, effective school golf program requires modified equipment that fits movement and muscle coordination typical with that of beginners. Early success and fun are the keys to creating interest for the game along with maintaining the attention of new learners without causing high levels of frustration.

Fun, Age-Appropriate Design

The equipment utilized as part of First Tee School Program and First Tee Community Program is modified, developmentally-appropriate golf equipment consisting of over-sized clubs, tennis-style balls, and a variety of targets. The clubs are replicas of two basic traditional golf clubs, a putter and a wedge.  The equipment is intentionally designed to promote fun and challenge, leading to learning and increased success.

What is Included?

Available for both right-handed and left-handed students, the equipment set is configured to include enough clubs, targets and balls to teach up to 24 or 48 participants per class. More students may be accommodated with the addition of more stations, so long as space and proper supervision are present to maintain a safe learning environment.

School Program Equipment: One Bag
School Program Equipment: Two Bags
Community Program Equipment: One Bag
Community Program Equipment: Two Bags


The equipment First Tee uses in their School Program and Community Program is Short Golf.

 Short golf


The developmentally-appropriate golf equipment is only available to locations delivering our programs. For more information on how you can purchase our equipment or bring our program to your area, please contact us.

Contact Us

If you need to order replacement parts/pieces of equipment, please visit ShortGolf’s website HERE

First Tee School & Community Program partners  can receive a discount online by clicking “Register as a Pro” and filling out that information. ShortGolf will approve your account and you will receive TFT Member Pricing. There is also a TFT10 coupon code you can utilize during checkout. With both discounts combined you can save up to 20% off.