Become a Partner

Why Become a Partner?

For more than 25 years we have been using the platform of golf to provide innovative and experiential learning opportunities for young people. Character education and long-term life skills are at the heart of our programs, which are delivered by coaches who have been trained in positive youth development. Join us in continuing to impact the lives of young people all around the world!

About Partnering with First Tee

There are many reasons to partner with our organization, and we look forward to discussing the opportunities further.  First Tee desires to partner with companies and foundations that possess mission and outcome alignment with our own guiding principles. Key factors for evaluating a potential partner include the partner’s ability to leverage its assets, raise awareness, contribute/raise funds, and engage its employees and leadership locally, nationally, and internationally for hands on impact.

  • First Tee does not endorse products, promote the sale of products or mandate that chapters or members endorse, purchase or sell any product or service.
  • All partnerships involve a minimum financial commitment at each level of support.

We look forward to discussing how your company, your customers and your employees can help improve the lives of young people through a partnership with First Tee.

If you’d like to get started and learn more please contact [email protected].