Chevron shares a deep connection to First Tee’s mission, having been a proud supporter of First Tee since 2011 and becoming a Trustee with a $1 million commitment and providing ongoing support through several initiatives. The Chevron and First Tee partnership has created a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of millions of young people across the country.

Chevron believes that the best partnerships are built around shared values. Chevron’s foundation is built on the same core values of First Tee. Together we won’t just build better golfers; we will build character.

Over the past 10 years, Chevron has supported several First Tee chapters with on-site activations and fundraising programs. At PURE Insurance Championship, the Chevron Challenge has provided $200,000 in college scholarships to First Tee graduates. The funds are awarded to 20 alumni, making it possible for participants to take the first steps in making their dreams come true. The impact of the program is best described by one of the 2020 Chevron scholars: “Thank you for supporting me this past year in attaining higher education. As the first in my low-income family to attend college, I am entirely grateful.”

In addition to the financial support, Chevron’s STEM ZONE has been a fixture at many golf events. The STEM Zone is a traveling clubhouse that uses sports and golf to showcase the science of the game in a fun and engaging environment – to inspire and empower the next generation of data scientists, engineers and broadcast technicians. Over the past 10 years, thousands of First Tee students have had hands-on experience at golf events such as the PURE Insurance Championship.

“Thanks to the past and present relationships Chevron has forged with partners—stakeholders and shareholders—we continue to enable human progress around the world. We could not be prouder of our workforce, and we embrace the opportunity to create a future of sustainable progress and prosperity,” said Steve W. Green, President, Chevron North America and First Tee Trustee Designee. “While there will be challenges, we know that the power of human energy will lead us to a brighter future.”

In the words of First Tee alumnus and Chevron employee Sara Scarlett: I have firsthand seen the alignment between the First Tee’s core values and The Chevron Way. Growing up as a participant, I gained foundational skills, such as confidence, perseverance and goal setting, that now allow me to be a successful employee. I am proud to work for a company that gives back to the community, especially to an organization that has impacted me so much.”

More than ever, Chevron’s meaningful and impactful commitment will be a game changer for First Tee. It will continue to enable kids and teens to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges.