Summer Camp

87% of participants say First Tee has help them improve their sense of empowerment*

Over The Summer

First Tee summer camps use kids’ time away from school to introduce our character education and life skills programs, helping kids and teens prepare for success at school, at home, and in their community. Just like our year-round course, our summer curriculum is divided into five levels, each with a different focus that helps kids develop their sense of self.

Our summer programs range from camps that generally last one to two weeks to sessions that last about eight weeks. First Tee offers group lessons to kids and teens in 2nd through 12th grade, regardless of background or previous experience. We never turn a kid away because of financial concerns. On average, the full cost of the summer season is around $160. All we ask is that kids come with an open mind and positive attitude. Golf-specific attire is not required and local chapters provide access to balls and clubs

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[My coach is] always able to boost my confidence and makes me feel like a winner.

71% of First Tee participants say their coach is supportive and encouraging*

*Based on independent study of participants involved in First Tee for three consecutive years.

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