drive-activity-guideFirst Tee DRIVE Activity Guide was designed with after-school youth development professionals and activity leaders in mind.  The Activity Plans include fun variations of sports and games like baseball, football, bowling, and tennis, many of which are familiar to young people.

Play Golf Anywhere

This activity-based program has been specifically designed and written for youth-serving organizations, and allow activities to be delivered in a variety of locations such as gymnasiums, basketball courts, baseball, football, and soccer fields.


Each Activity Plan includes a sport, a golf skill and a core value all integrated together to increase learning of key objectives.  Participants apply First Tee Nine Core Values, core value behaviors, and basic golf strokes in each game which allows youth leaders opportunities to observe positive behaviors taking place during play.  In addition, activity plans include information for youth leaders to encourage participants to extend behaviors and learning to other areas of their lives such as home and school.

  • Nine Core Values: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment

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