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Tee It Up in Physical Education Class

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Students across the nation are teeing up for the first time through First Tee National School Program.  Since 2004, First Tee has trained educators at more than 9,000 elementary school on a curriculum that introduces students to golf and core values during physical education classes. Teachers are given all necessary training, lesson plans, and equipment to teach elementary school students the basic skills of golf with safe and fun activities. First Tee works closely with educators to ensure they have everything they need to successfully engage students in daily lesson activities that lead to development of basic golf motor skills. We work with the school to identify funding opportunities, such as sponsors or donations.

Let’s Get Started

This program aligns with national physical education standards developed by the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) – the leading oversight organization for PE in the US. The class is designed to be flexible and allows physical educators to adjust lessons to fit their specific teaching situations in terms of class size, class time, and facility type – indoor or outside, big or small space, etc. Additional lesson plans and best practices can be found in our Teachers’ Tee Box.



We Make it Easy

First Tee National School Program gives physical educators all the tools to get started. We provide the training, equipment and lesson plans that integrate golf skills, motor skills, core values and healthy habits. Explore our training, curriculum, and the equipment we provide below!

Next Steps

More than 9,000 elementary schools across the country have participated in First Tee National School Program.

Ready to upgrade your students PE experience? It’s easy to get started.

  1. Contact our Community Partnerships Team by completing this form.
  2. We’ll work with you to identify funding opportunities (this can be the school, a donor, or corporation).
  3. Once funding is identified we will send you the Individual Partner Agreement for the principal to sign.
  4. After we receive funding and the signed agreement, training, equipment, and the curriculum  manual will be delivered to the school.
  5. Watch your students become good golfers and better people!


Let’s Get Started

While teaching [this program], the confidence level of students improves from beginning to end of the lesson.

Physical Educator, Kingwood, TX

Former Students Return to their Elementary School to Teach Golf

Each year, elementary students across the country tee up for the first time during PE. Through The First Tee National School Program, PE teachers are trained to teach golf in school. But this time, it was former students that gave the golf lesson. Madison Lehr and Meg Lavinder from The First Tee of Greater Richmond …

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