Alumni Spotlight

Through the game of golf, our program aims to prepare youth for success — on the golf course and in life. First Tee Alumni continue to demonstrate this long-lasting impact by sharing their success stories. Below are just a few recent alumni who have shined academically, athletically and through tremendous service efforts.

Lennard Long, Morehouse College Class of 2019

Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Lennard Long, alumnus of First Tee of Greater Washington D.C. was a competitor in the 2013 PURE Insurance Championship. He always knew he wanted to play golf in college, it was just a matter of choosing the right fit. Lennard’s father was a Morehouse alum and as fate would have it, Lennard would follow in his father’s footsteps Fast forward a few years and Lennard has now graduated from Morehouse College with Magna Cum Laude honors, Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in psychology, all while playing Division II Collegiate Athletics. During his time at Morehouse, he was a four-year member of the golf team, and earned Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference all-academic honors in 2018. Golf had given so much to Lennard, he decided to to give back. He spent his summer working as the director of a golf mentorship program in his hometown Washington, D.C., guiding kids who have committed low offense crimes. After successful completion in the program, their records are cleared. Service has been a focal point in Lennard’s life, and now he hopes to continue on the path of service, giving back to others in his community. Sadie Martinez Clavijo, University of the Cumberlands Class of 2017, University of Hartford Class of 2020 Since transitioning from First Tee of Connecticut, Sadie Martinez Clavijo has worked hard to serve her community in the Connecticut area. Though she is at University of Hartford studying for her Master’s degree in special education and teaching, Sadie still finds time to give back to her local chapter by serving as an assistant coach. She works with participants to better their golf game and provides weekly group lessons to help with fundamentals and character-building. In May, Sadie was selected to become a member of the Obama Foundation Leadership Corps. This program runs for six months and provides the tools and platforms for young people to develop projects that address opportunities and challenges in their communities. The three main qualities that members exemplify are leadership potential, community investment and adaptivity, values that were cultivated throughout her time at First Tee.  Bibilani Liu, Boston College, Class of 2021  An alumnus of First Tee of Silicon Valley, Bibilani Liu has learned the value of a community of believers. Since her time competing at the PURE Insurance Championship, Bibilani has gone to college on the east coast. She plays Division I college golf at Boston College while studying business at the Carroll School of Management. She credits much of her success to playing golf at the game’s highest level through the PURE Insurance Championship. “Without the First Tee, there would be no opportunity for young players to earn this once in a lifetime experience. My time with First Tee has taught me that to become successful, it takes a village of people. Playing with a professional, and playing at one of the most renowned golf courses in the world was truly a dream come true.” Bibilani is incredibly thankful for everyone who took the time to encourage and mentor her. She believes the leadership skills she gained from the event have been invaluable. In the next two years, Bibilani will be the captain of her golf team, and hopes to use the platform as an opportunity to be a strong influence in her community. Angelica Harris, Washington University, St. Louis, Class of 2020 As a participant at First Tee of Greater New Orleans, Angelica Harris participated in the PURE Insurance Championship in 2014. Since that time, he has graduated high school and is now a college senior, majoring in both computer science and finance at Washington University. Her family was greatly affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and she knew that because of her good fortune during those events, she should give back to the community. On campus, Angelica is a member of the John B. Ervin Scholars Program, women’s varsity golf team, Investment Banking Group, and the National Black MBA Association. She has recently completed internships in sales and trading at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and in the fixed income division at Morgan Stanley. Because of her impressive accomplishments during her high school years, Angelica received many college scholarships. She was so grateful to receive college scholarships herself, that she decided to give back to those around her. She started her own standardized test prep business that hosts ACT classes in New Orleans and tutors students in California and Georgia. She uses her platform to help raise ACT scores and give students advice about the college process. On a more personal note, Angelica would teach her brother Jeremiah, who was diagnosed with Autism, how to play golf. Her success inspired her to launch Angelica’s Angels, where she teaches golf to autistic individuals in the community. Through fundraising, she was able to raise more than $3,000 for her organization, and used this money to purchase a sustainable program for her students, as well as fund a $1,800 college scholarship for a local high school senior. Angelica has shown that despite the obstacles, success can still be attained with hard work and perseverance.

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