Join Us in Building Game Changers

We enable kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills curriculum, we create learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do.

First Tee has locations across the United States and select locations internationally.  Many of our chapters advertise their positions below and additional opportunities may be available locally. If you are interested in any opportunities listed below contact the chapter directly.

First Tee Headquarters

First Tee HQ (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)

Coordinator, Chapter Education

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Great care goes into creating an environment where staff feel empowered to share different perspectives base on life experiences. And staff members are encouraged to spend quality time together, engaged in welcoming, fun, and inclusive activities.

At First Tee, we aim to be the example of how DEI should look and feel. Our goal is to also see this inclusivity reflected throughout our entire Chapter network. It starts with us.

Our culture at First Tee Headquarters is built on our interval values: Passion for Impact, Power through Perspectives, Culture of Acceptance, Personal Growth, and Fun with Intention. These values help guide our beliefs and behaviors, and we equip our staff with education, training and conversation using a DEI lens.

  • Diversity – Appreciating what makes us different, including our race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, social economic status, and physical abilities.
  • Equity – Providing everyone with what they need to succeed, knowing that our needs and challenges may differ.
  • Inclusion – Ensuring that all individuals and groups feel welcomed, included, and valued.

Executive & Leadership

Executive Director (Athens, GA)

Executive Director (Columbia, MD)

Executive Director (Burton, MI)

Executive Director (Harrisonburg, VA)


Program Director (Little Rock, AR)

School Program Coordinator (Phoenix, AZ)

General Manager (Salinas, CA)

Program Director (Windsor, CA)

Program Coordinator (Palm Desert, CA)

Competitive Activities Coordinator (Palm Desert, CA)

Program Coordinator (Denver, CO)

Program Director (Orlando, FL)

After School Specialist (Jacksonville, FL)

After School Golf Specialist (Naples, FL)

Golf & Life Skills Program Lead (Tampa, FL)

Program Coordinator (Brunswick, GA)

Program Director (Indianapolis, IN)

Assistant Program Director (Baltimore, MD)

Volunteer Coordinator & Program Coach (Charlotte, NC)

Program Manager (North Hampton, NH)

Girls Golf Coordinator (Nassau County, NY)

Assistant Program Director (Suffolk County, NY)

Program Director (Oklahoma City, OK)

Program Manager (Tulsa, OK)

Program Director (Portland, OR)

Program Director (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Program Director (Pittsburgh, PA)

Program Manager (Hilton Head, SC)

Program Manager (Charleston, SC)

Program Director (Memphis, TN)

Program Director (Midland, TX)

Program Specialist (San Antonio, TX)

Program Coordinator (Richmond, VA)

Player Development Professional (Richmond, VA)

Program Coordinator (Charlottesville, VA)

Program & Outreach Coordinator (Virginia Beach, VA)

Player Development Professional (Virginia Beach, VA)

Program Director (Charleston, WV)


Golf & Life Skills Coach (Phoenix, AZ)

Lead Coach (Oakland, CA)

Lead Golf Life Skills Coach (Orange County, CA)

Lead Golf Life Skills Coach (Orlando, FL)

Coach (Idaho)

Coach (New Orleans, LA)

Lead Life Skills Coach (Kenilworth, NJ)

Coach (Point Pleasant, NJ)

Program Coach (Charlotte, NC)

Volunteer Coordinator & Program Coach (Charlotte, NC)

Lead Coach (Southern Pines, NC)

Lead Coach (Shenandoah Valley, VA)


Office Administrator (Grand Rapids, MI)



Fundraising Support Coordinator (Anaheim, CA)

Events & Donor Stewardship Manager (Laguna Hills, CA)

Development Director (Los Angeles, CA)

Development Director (Palm Desert, CA)

Development Director (Monterey County, CA)

Golf Professional (Sacramento County, CA)

Business Development Manager (Colorado Springs, CO)

Director of Major Gifts & Corporate Giving (Cromwell, CT)

Outreach Director (Naples, FL)

Director of Golf Operations (Hawaii)

Marketing & Communications Manager (Chicago, IL)

Operations Director (Hobbs, NM)

Site Coordinator (Erie County, NY)

Site Coordinator (Harvest Hill, NY)

Facility & Grounds Manager (Canton, OH)

Regional Site Coordinator (South Dakota)

Outreach Director (Memphis, TN)

Site Coordinator – Part Time (Houston, TX)

Outreach Coordinator (Tyler, TX)


Programming Intern 2024 (Denver, CO)

Colorado Open Championship Intern (Denver, CO)

Marketing Intern (Baltimore, MD)

Program Event Intern (Grand Rapids, MI)

Program Experience Intern (Grand Rapids, MI)

2024 Summer Internship (Southern Pines, NC)

2024 Summer Internship (Charleston, SC)

Program Intern (Houston, TX)

Summer Intern 2023 (Richmond, VA)

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