Children's Privacy Statement

This Children’s Privacy Policy is in addition to our general Privacy Policy, which is located here, and sets forth the details around how we collect and use children’s personal information in order to provide certain services once we have parental/guardian consent.  Our goal is to protect the privacy of information we obtain from and about your children.  Please help us protect their privacy by instructing them never to provide personal information without your permission.

Parental/Guardian Consent & How We Collect and Use Children’s Information:

While the majority of our Site is intended for a general audience and not directed to children under the age of 13, we are now able to share with children who are First Tee program participants the First Tee curriculum and related activities through a password protected portal on the Site.  In order to provide an interactive environment tailored for each such child, we will need to collect and process certain personal information from or about them.  However, we will only do so after obtaining appropriate parental/guardian consent, except in limited circumstances authorized by law. 

Presently, the First Tee asks for verifiable parental consent through a consent form that must be either signed in-person by the parent/guardian at your local First Tee chapter or signed and returned to us by mail, email attachment or fax.  Additionally, at some point, we may also offer verification via an electronic method or over the phone or through a video chat to a trained customer service representative.

The information about your child will be used to create their online account which allows us to customize their program and provide age-appropriate content. The information requested in creating an account includes your child’s first and last name, date of birth, ethnicity, grade level, and email address. We will not ask for more personal information than is necessary for a child to participate in the curriculum or First Tee activity.  Additionally, we may also ask to collect your child’s information through occasional surveys about the First Tee program, public coaching forums, and photos/videos for coaching.  Any comments from your child that are posted on the forum will be approved by a moderator before the posting occurs.

We may ask for certain information that is not personally identifiable, like city and state, gender, hobbies, etc., to help us understand our visitors and improve services. 

We also collect certain information (e.g., IP address, mobile device UDID, operating system, etc.) automatically when you or your child visit the Site.  Please review our general Privacy Policy to learn more about our use of cookies.  This information allows us to provide better Site functionality and services to you.

Sharing information with Third Parties

As referenced in the parental/guardian consent form, we may share personal information with service providers or legal authorities. Such service providers may include software solution companies, online security partners and other customer service-related entities (e.g., the company that administers our online surveys to your children). These third parties will only be permitted to use the personal information for the agreed upon services.

We may share personal information in connection with legal procedures and/or requirements. Please refer to the Legal Compliance section of our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Parental/Guardian Rights to Access, Update and Delete Data:

At any time, a parent or guardian has the right to revoke the consent that allows us to collect personal information about their child.  Additionally, a parent or guardian can request us to delete the personal information we have collected in connection with their child’s account from our records. Because personal information is required for some of the services we provide, deleting a child’s records may result in an account, membership, or service being unavailable to the child in future.  Any such request can be made by emailing [email protected].  For verification purposes, please include your first name, last name, and e-mail address you use for such service as well as your child’s first name and last name.  We’ll need to confirm your identity as the parent or guardian of the child before granting access to the child’s personal information. We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.