Game Changers Academy

First Tee Game Changers Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. is a five-day learning and empowerment academy. Participants selected to attend will participate in important conversations embracing topics of self-awareness, inclusivity, and community building. First Tee invites its partner, RISE, a national leader in the sports community championing social justice, to facilitate engaging and interactive workshops paired with introspective activities and reflections led by our nationally trained First Tee coaches. 

The experience is designed to enlighten, inspire, encourage, and position our teens to be Game Changers in their current and future communities. The academy is the ultimate tribute to Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., a fearless champion of change.

Key Commitments

Collaborating with Others

Building Positive Self-identity

Growing through Challenges

Learning Objectives

  • Build self-awareness and embrace environments where all perspectives are valued
  • Develop a sense of confidence and are equipped to be change agents in their communities
  • Demonstrate engaging activities to enhance golf skills

2024 Event Information

Date: July 9-13
Minneapolis, MN

Selected Participants

2024 Teens
First Name: Last Name: Chapter:
Brooke Arhotakis First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Brandon Bao First Tee – Greater Seattle
Aiden Bao First Tee – Greater Seattle
Shreyas Batra First Tee – Raritan Valley
Will Berthiaume First Tee – Connecticut
Addison Bidoli First Tee – Sandhills
Ashley Biehl First Tee – Greater New Orleans
Matthew Biehl First Tee – Greater New Orleans
Allison Brown First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Reagan Reginald Calaguas First Tee – San Francisco
Samuel Carbajal First Tee – Fresno
Lyla Chrisman First Tee – West Michigan
Dominic Clayton First Tee – North Florida
Mylo Cox First Tee – San Diego
Erika Dierke First Tee – Minnesota
Rita Eovino First Tee – Greater Richmond
Noelle Gagnon First Tee – New Hampshire
Salloni Gill First Tee – Greater Baltimore
Sierra Godwin First Tee – Sarasota/Manatee
Owen Grismer First Tee – Minnesota
Justin Hartsfield First Tee – Greater Richmond
Faith Hendren First Tee – Greater El Paso
Isabella Herrera First Tee – Silicon Valley
Gabriella Ishaq First Tee – Minnesota
Luke Kasmarcak First Tee – Cleveland
Zoe Kim First Tee – Orange County
Anthony Knouse First Tee – Pittsburgh
Ethan Kwan First Tee – Greater Pasadena
Aya Laqtib First Tee – San Francisco
Marcus Leong First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Reena Lin First Tee – Gulf Coast
Charles Liu First Tee – Greater Seattle
Maya London First Tee – Central Coast
Jules Mahan First Tee – Greater San Antonio
Tyler Mason First Tee – West Michigan
Lillian McGowan First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Maeve McGuire First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Tiernan Mentzel First Tee – Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky
Noah Miller First Tee – Greater Chicago
Jolene Munoz First Tee – Tucson
Benjamin Murphy First Tee – Greater Houston
Morgan Nguyen First Tee – Greater Dallas
Avery Nguyen First Tee – Greater Dallas
Colby Palacio First Tee – Raritan Valley
Aidan Palmer First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Lily Patel First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Calise Perry First Tee – Tulsa
Brooklyn Pfeiffer First Tee – Eastern Michigan
George Phillips First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Keanu Phillips-Alberto First Tee – Contra Costa
Sofia Rodriguez Pierson First Tee – Central Coast
David Sandino First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Kavya Shah First Tee – Howard County
Callie Somers First Tee – Greater Wilmington
Emma Stavely First Tee – Green Valley Ranch
Ryland Stinson First Tee – Greater Tyler
Ronald Tam First Tee – Greater Dallas
Christopher Taylor First Tee – Massachusetts
Jacob Tellez First Tee – Indiana
Leah Torres First Tee – Greater Houston
Bella Villarin First Tee – San Diego
Sophia Waddell First Tee – Central Coast
Benjamin Wade First Tee – Tennessee
Marley Walters First Tee – Benton Harbor
Melvin Watson First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Bailey Webb First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains
Marissa Wei First Tee – Silicon Valley
Adelyn Westfall First Tee – Green Valley Ranch
Zach Williams First Tee – Central Valley
Kenneth Yang First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Alana Yoeuth First Tee – San Joaquin
Hana Zhu First Tee – Orange County

How to Participate

This event is only available to teens involved in chapters of First Tee. Most of the events and programs have a selection process that includes an application reviewed by a committee. Parents, if you want your child to participate, please inquire at your chapter.

Not Yet Involved in the First Tee?