Game Changers Academy

First Tee Game Changers Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. is a five-day learning and empowerment academy. Participants selected to attend the academy will participate in important conversations around issues of identity, racism, diversity, equity and inclusion. First Tee invites its partner, RISE, a national leader in the sports community championing social justice and working to improve race relations, to facilitate engaging and interactive workshops paired with introspective activities and reflections led by our nationally trained First Tee coaches. The experience is designed to enlighten, inspire, encourage, and position our teens to be advocates for justice and social change in their current and future communities. First Tee Game Changers Academy is the ultimate tribute to Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., a fearless champion of change. 

2023 Event Information

Date: July 18-22, 2023
Location: Philadelphia, PA

How to Participate

This event is only available to teens involved in chapters of First Tee. Most of the events and programs have a selection process that includes an application reviewed by a committee. Parents, if you want your child to participate, please inquire at your chapter.

2023 Selected Participants
First Name: Last Name: Chapter:
Christianna Alexander First Tee – North Florida
Timothy Allen First Tee – Monterey County
Sean Allen Jr First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Douglas Allenbaugh First Tee – Greater St. Louis
Logan Augustine First Tee – Pittsburgh
Drew Bindl First Tee – South Central Wisconsin
Raashika Biswari First Tee – Silicon Valley
Ariana Blagrove First Tee – Greater New Orleans
Jahsiah Bowie First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Torrie Bowman First Tee – Fresno
Alivia Carlisle First Tee – Indiana
Maya Carmino First Tee – Central Florida
David Castellanos First Tee – Greater Chicago
Niki Chan First Tee – Greater Richmond
Hank Charleton First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Caroline Hannah Chavez First Tee – San Joaquin
Sophia Cortes First Tee – Triangle
James Dignan First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Samantha Dunn First Tee – Connecticut
Christina Fuentes First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Elle Gianelli First Tee – San Joaquin
David Goldin-McCarthy First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Kaitlyn Gonzales First Tee – Fort Worth
Avi Gupta First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Collin Hogan First Tee – Greater Houston
Justin Hsieh First Tee – Raritan Valley
Ana Hunter First Tee – Tennessee
Andi Jones First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Bradley Lardie First Tee – West Michigan
Jayden Law First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Juliana Leach First Tee – North Florida
Alice Li First Tee – Greater Charleston
Shamane Mallawarachchi First Tee – Northwest Arkansas
Luke Martin First Tee – South Dakota
Christina Martirosova First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Daniel McComb First Tee – Greater St. Louis
Jasmine McGhee First Tee – Greater Chicago
Gabriella G. Mercado First Tee – Orange County
Mya Miller First Tee – Benton Harbor
Teresa Montoya Sanborn First Tee – Four Corners
Olivia Munoz First Tee – Tucson
Hailey Netro First Tee – Gulf Coast
Sammi Nguyen First Tee – Greater Washington, D.C.
David Nguyen First Tee – Central Iowa
Krishang Patel First Tee – Howard County
Jack Polansky First Tee – Greater San Antonio
Joshua Puga First Tee – Greater Dallas
Lula Rivera First Tee – Greater Wilmington
Sydney Rogers First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Jake Ruppert First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Harrison Salvi First Tee – Pittsburgh
Tanvi Samayam First Tee – Greater Trenton
Luis Santana First Tee – Central Florida
Kassy Spitz First Tee – Western New York
Colleen Stadler First Tee – Cleveland
Isaac Stewart First Tee – Central Ohio
Matthew Stolte First Tee – Minnesota
Hannah Stouder First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Precilla Tea First Tee – Greater Pasadena
Anabella Van Cotthem First Tee – San Diego
Garrett Van Komen First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Emily Vang First Tee – Fresno
Alexandra Varo First Tee – Silicon Valley
Ronald Walker First Tee – Greater Houston
Natalie Warner First Tee – Canton
Micah Wilson First Tee – Greater Houston
Logan Wong First Tee – Greater Pasadena
Carter Woods First Tee – Coastal Carolinas
Emily Wuggazer First Tee – Manhattan
Cleo Wynn First Tee – Metro Atlanta
Kevin Zheng First Tee – East Baton Rouge Parish
Jake Zulueta First Tee – Greater Charlotte

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