Building Game Changers

Throughout July, Troon is excited to support First Tee in our mission to empower young people through the game of golf. Please consider making a donation in support of Troon’s efforts.

First Tee began in 1997 as a partnership among the LPGA, the Masters Tournament, the PGA of America, the PGA TOUR, and the USGA to make golf affordable and accessible for all kids. As we introduced the game, we also introduced a life skills curriculum that supported the development of values found within the game of golf, including honesty, integrity, perseverance and respect. This was a game changer – for the kids, and for our organization. Now, for over two decades we’ve been committed to helping kids build character strengths and important life skills through the game and providing all kids with access to opportunities for personal growth in a fun and safe environment.

If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser for First Tee, click here.