Golf is Fun. Here’s Why:

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More than 70% of chapter participants return to our programs. And 90% of our alumni say they’re lifelong golfers. How have we hooked them on the sport of golf? What keeps them coming back? Golf is fun!

The First Tee coaches make golf fun through games and activities such as golf Tic-Tac-Toe

5 Ways we make golf fun

1. Friends & social Experiences

Kids participate as a class where they meet others from all walks of life. They’re even taught how to properly introduce themselves to each other to help break down barriers and start having fun together! Many participants find lifelong friends [like alumni Kyle DiGiacobbe and Beau Zastrow] through The First Tee.

2. We’re outside

It’s rare you’ll find us in the classroom. We are in the business of doing, not telling. Participants are taught the game of golf through experience based learning, out on the golf course or driving range. The First Tee life skills, Nine Core Values or Nine Healthy Habits are taught through games and activities. Speaking of games….

3. Creative Games

Ever heard of zoo golf or golf tic-tac-toe? You probably have if you’re involved with The First Tee! Our coaches come up with fun and exciting games to introduce golf concepts to kids. In fact, you’ll often see foam noodles and hula hoops during a lesson.

4. Fun Golf Coaches

73% of youth stated their “enjoyment of the experience, confidence in golf ability and support of coaches/friends” as the top three reasons for staying in the program.

Our coaches are fun! They care about kids and through required training through our Coach Program,  they understand how to keep kids attention. Our golf coaches are experts in making young people feel comfortable and assure they have a positive, non-intimidating experience.

5. We make the game less intimidating

We teach participants the 3 tips for having fun:

  1. Be patient
  2. Be positive
  3. Ask for help




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Offered are more than 1,200 locations, The First Tee program was developed by experts in the field of positive youth development and is delivered by trained coaches. Our mission is to help prepare kids and teens from all backgrounds for success in all areas of life. Chapters offer full scholarship or reduced fee programming for those with financial need.

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  1. I am interested in signing up a 6 year old girl for first tee on Thursday 4:00 -4:45. Please advise about sign up and what is needed for class

  2. Thank you for your interest in The First Tee!
    Each chapter varies in their program schedule and open registration dates. For information on registration, please visit our locations map and find a chapter near you: From there, you can visit the chapter’s website to contact the program director or learn more about their classes.

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