How to React To Challenging Situations

We all face challenges in life. Whether it is a sport like golf or life in general, few goals are ever achieved without encountering some obstacles along the way. Part of our mission at The First Tee is to equip youth to deal with challenges, no matter how big or small. Youth in our junior golf programs learn practical skills they can apply to any situation—on the golf course, at school, and at home.

how do we use golf to learn about reacting to challenges?

starThe First Tee coaches emphasize the need to make good decisions when facing a challenge. They introduce participants to the acronym: STAR.

STOP and take a deep breath.stop_star_k_rsg

When you face a challenge in life, the first step in deciding how to overcome it is to STOP what you are doing or what you are getting ready to do. This allows you to pause and gives your mind a break.

Think of all your choices.think_star_k_rsg

The next step in good decision-making is to THINK of your choices. What are some of the choices you have in this situation? Take time to think of as many choices as possible.

Anticipate what could happen.anticipation_star_k_rsg

The third step is to ANTICIPATE the consequences (good or bad) of each choice. When you anticipate the consequences of each choice, think how the choice will affect your ability to reach your goals.

Respond by selecting the best choice.respond_star_k_rsg

After you have identified all your choices and you have anticipated the consequences of each choice, the final step is to RESPOND by picking the best choice. What makes something the best choice? The best choice is the one that helps you get to your goal. What one person considers the best choice may differ from what another person thinks is best.

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