“Act as if…” and achieve success in any part of your life

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By June Ryan, Guest blogger

Last week, First Tee hosted the inaugural First Tee College Scholarship Pre-College Virtual retreat. Our scholarship winners participated in a two-day virtual event where they heard from various speakers on how to tackle the challenges they may face as they step into this next chapter of their life; One of those speakers was Rear Admiral June Ryan. June had a highly successful career in the Coast Guard, achieving many historical firsts for women including the first enlisted woman to rise to the rank of Rear Admiral.  She was the first woman to serve as the Military Advisory to the Secretary of Homeland Security and only the third woman in our nation’s history to serve as the Military Aide to the President of the United States. During the pre-college retreat, Rear Admiral June Ryan spoke to the First Tee scholars about “Brain Training for success” and provided tips to retain positive thoughts and how to block out the negative. We loved her session so much that we invited her to share with our readers, some of her tips for success.

June’s Tips for Success

I travel around the country teaching and training more than 64 different success principles, helping individuals navigate from where they are to where they want to be.

One of the most powerful principles is “Act as if…” In other words, act as if… you already have graduated from your favorite college. Act as if… you have already won the big tournament. Act as if… you have already landed your dream job.

At the University of Houston, two college roommates understood the tremendous power of this success principle. One roommate was an aspiring sports announcer, majoring in Broadcasting. The other had his sights set on playing on the PGA TOUR. The two roommates “acted as if” they were both at the Augusta National Golf Club for the Masters Tournament. The golfer acted as if he just won. His broadcaster roommate acted as if he was the sports announcer selected to conduct the interview with the newly crowned champion in the historic Butler Cabin at Augusta National. Despite the self-doubt and feelings of “this would never happen” or “what are the chances” that may have crept into their psyche, these two roommates played out their improbable scene in vivid detail. They “acted as if” it was actually happening.

Fast-forward 13 years later, the exact scene came to fruition.  At the 1992 Masters, Fred Couples had just won his first Major Championship, and his college roommate, Jim Nantz, was there waiting in Butler Cabin to conduct the interview. Following the interview, the two men embraced, overcome by the realization that they had achieved their most outrageous goal together.

History is filled with other individuals who also “acted as if” with unprecedented results. “Acting as if” is more than visualization. It’s putting into motion every possible muscle in your body and creating the neurological memories in your mind of what that achievement would be. Most importantly, “acting as if” is about creating the feeling you would have by achieving your goals. Couples and Nantz created the feeling by using just two chairs in a University of Houston dorm room.

What are your most outrageous and audacious goals? How can you begin to “act as if”?

Here are some suggestions:

Want to attend a certain college or university? Create an exact replica of the college diploma.  Create the replica with as much vivid detail as possible. Include the name and crest of the university. Add your name and the degree you would be awarded. Complete the diploma with mock-up signatures of the College Dean and University President.

Looking to win a tournament? Make a mock-up of the trophy out of cardboard, other craft art material, or print a picture of the trophy. Add your “engraved” name to the trophy along with any other details like your final score. For an added bonus, make a mock-up of the winning check you’d receive if it’s a professional tournament.

What if your goal is to earn a million dollars? Why not create a million-dollar bill? Although there is no such thing in the U.S. Treasury as a million-dollar bill, make a mock-up as if one existed. Place your “million dollars” on a bathroom mirror or somewhere where you would see it every day.

You can accomplish your most outrageous goals if you begin to put into daily practice this powerful success principle – “Act as if.”

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