Quick 9 on Goal Setting

By: Ricky Lam, First Tee scholar and alumnus

1. What is a goal?

A goal is one specific step that I will take to achieve my dreams.

2. Why do goals matter?

Goals matter because like the First Tee’s curriculum entailing goal ladders, without these specific steps, I will never progress objectively towards advancing my life and my impact on the world.

3. What goals do you have for the new year?

This year I will begin a strong personal investment portfolio; workout to be in the best shape for dancing, volleyball, and golf; achieve high grades at Harvard; intern over the summer in the nonprofit, finance, sports analytics, or psychology field; and continue being active in all my school clubs.

4. How can you prepare to reach your goals?

I can prepare to reach my goals by keeping a positive and healthy mindset daily, constantly excited and thrilled by the beauty of life.

5. Who can help you with your goals?

My mentors, whether it is professors, First Tee, or my peers, can all help me with my goals.

6. Who has been the biggest supporter of you achieving your goals?

The biggest supporter of me in achieving my dreams is my brother, Kyle Lam. He is also a First Tee scholarship recipient (Class of 2023), and he has been my role model in keeping me on track academically and career-wise. It is his vast spectrum of knowledge and his responsible, loving character that has helped me grow as an individual.

7. What do you do if you set a goal but don’t reach it?

If I don’t reach my goals, I will try not to torture myself for not living up to my expectations. Instead, I will tell myself, “Ricky, you are human.” Then, I will revitalize and reset myself for the very next moment, whether it is the next minute, hour, day, week, or month, to work again towards achieving my goals.

8. What goal were you most proud of accomplishing in 2020?

I am most proud of having a strong start to college, where I have learned more about mindfulness and Buddhism, started my personal finance journey, and developed beautiful and inspiring friendships.

9. What advice would you give to others about setting goals?

You’re human, so work steadily with a loving mindset, but it’s okay to take a break as well!