Quick 9 for Personal Growth through Golf

By: Andrew Olivo, Age 16, First Tee – Central Florida

1. How does golf relate to life? ​

Golf relates to life as it teaches many important qualities such as respect, responsibility, and judgment. These characteristics help me to make the right decisions in life and place me on a path for success.

2. How does golf challenge you to be a better person?

​Golf challenges me to be a better person by placing me in situations to embrace the life lessons that I learn. For example, on the course, I have to always be honest with myself, even when nobody’s watching.

3. What is your favorite part about playing golf? ​

My favorite part about playing golf is spending time on the golf course with my dad. He is usually very busy with work so it’s nice to have some bonding time with him on the course to talk and play.

4. What golf skill helps you the most off the course? ​

Perseverance helps me the most off the course as it pushes me to do my best despite challenges or difficulties I may face in achieving my goals.

5. How can golf make you a more well-rounded individual? ​

Golf makes me a more well-rounded individual by teaching me a variety of skills and characteristics that I use in my day to day life. For example, golf helps to build my self confidence and practice respect towards adults and peers in my life.

6. How are you inspired through golf?

​I am inspired through golf to continue to improve as I play competitively in tournaments and on my high school team. In addition, as a junior assistant coach, it has inspired me to give back to my community and teach younger golfers the game of golf and important life lessons.

7. How have you grown up over the past year?

​Over the past year, I have learned to take on more responsibilities and leadership roles. For example, I am dedicating more time to junior coaching classes in First Tee. In school, I have become more active in clubs and organizations that I am a member of.

8. What or who motivates you? ​

My parents motivate me to work hard and try my best in golf and school. They teach me to always be a good person and lead by example.

9. What is your personal growth goal? ​

My personal growth goal is to keep working hard in school to be accepted in a highly rated university. In addition to developing my academics, I also want to continue focusing on maintaining my health and fitness through physical activity.