Claire Alford Impacts a Community

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For some, golf may be just a game. For us, it’s an avenue in which kids and teens discover the confidence and inner strength inside of them and learn to bring that to everything they do. One of the ways we cultivate this, is by encouraging youth to understand the value and importance of helping those around them. In your community, within your family or school, the world is in need of game changers who will show up for others. Claire Alford, from First Tee – Central Coast, is a game changer who, with the help of her school club, started the first Community and Health Resources Fair. 

“Our goal was to provide vital health resources to the students at our school. My family is part of Santa Maria’s 74% Hispanic population, as counted by the US Census Bureau. At school I see how most of my peers rely on the federal free lunch program to get meals every day. By founding the Culture Community and Cuisine Club and creating the health fair, my brother and I helped bring health screenings and support to our peers.”

She could tell you that this is no small feat. Claire and her brother attended daily meetings and phone calls with school administrators and the community providers to ensure the event was a success. Due to the diverse population in the community, students struggle with a variety of issues that are often ignored. Community partners were present at the event to establish a safe environment for all students at the school. 

“The most rewarding part of the day was seeing my classmates connect with services they needed. My life goal is to expand access to basic health evaluations and treatment to other rural towns in the same way that the First Tee has spread access to the life changing game of golf.”

We are proud of kids and teens, like Claire, that selflessly give their time to care for those around them and exemplify the values taught at First Tee. We can’t wait to see how she continues to work towards her goals in the future.

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