Coach Rebecca Caimano

Rebecca Caimano, Assistant Executive Director, has been coaching with First Tee — Greater Philadelphia since 2011.  Coach Rebecca started golfing at a young age and has a passion for introducing girls to the game. “Growing up playing golf I never imagined being in the golf industry. It was tough being the only female who played golf.” Having positive mentors and role models is important for all kids and teens. At First Tee, we provide a safe place for all youth to grow, learn and have fun through golf. Coach Rebecca knows maintaining a healthy mindset helps her be the best version of herself, and she’s passing that information on to the youth in her classes. “I spend time filling my mind and body with things that make me feel good and add to my happiness. Everyday I make sure I eat food that gives me energy and adds value to my journey along with drinking plenty of water! I also love to read good books and spend time doing things that add joy to my life. A Hallmark movie here or there doesn’t hurt either!” When she’s not coaching or playing, Coach Rebecca enjoys shopping for shoes and trying her hand at new cooking recipes. Learn more about her strategies for maintaining a healthy mindset.