Leadership Academy

In partnership with PGA TOUR Superstore, First Tee Leadership Academy builds on the 5-week local Leadership Series and provides selected teens insight on how successful teams perform. The curriculum explores leadership concepts focusing on (1) building a successful team by recognizing values and identifying strengths/weaknesses, (2) leading a team by developing authentic relationships and empowering others, (3) supporting the team by developing awareness and acting with humility, and (4) assessing based on comprehending and identifying the teams need and supporting through innovation and advocacy. The academy provides an opportunity for teens to explore team dynamics that enhance their future performance as they collaborate with peers and adult mentors. Activity-based workshops are facilitated by leaders from the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. 

Key Commitments

Collaborating with Others

Building Positive Self-identity

Pursuing Goals

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how effective teams operate
  • Apply enhanced leadership strategies which influence, engage, and encourage excellent team performance
  • Share insight and provide examples of diverse career opportunities in the sports industry

2024 Event Information

Date: June 17-22, 2023
Location: Atlanta, GA
Host: First Tee and PGA TOUR Superstore

Selected Participants

2024 Teens
First Name: Last Name: Chapter:
Maya Carmino First Tee – Central Florida
Dakota Chang First Tee – Silicon Valley
Anthony Chung First Tee – Greater Pasadena
Annika Collado First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Jonas Conn First Tee – Central Ohio
James Dignan First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Elijah Don First Tee – Orange County
Elliot Don First Tee – Orange County
Madigan Escobar First Tee – Coachella Valley
Stephen Godwin First Tee – Sarasota/Manatee
Jayden Goodson First Tee – Greater Philadelphia
Owen Grismer First Tee – Minnesota
Lilyanna Hathaway First Tee – Colorado Rocky Mountains
Aidan Howe First Tee – Tucson
Thalia Hoyos First Tee – Metropolitan Oklahoma City
Khloe Hyatt First Tee – Greater Chicago
Matthew Jimenez First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Rida Karim First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Robbie Knight First Tee – Idaho
Neel Ladde First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Arun Lakhihal First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Aya Laqtib First Tee – San Francisco
Caitlyn Lavant First Tee – North Florida
Jasmine McGhee First Tee – Greater Chicago
Callie McLoughlin First Tee – Tri-Valley
Ethan Miller First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Nyla Montauban First Tee – Massachusetts
Jolene Munoz First Tee – Tucson
Jaeden Musae First Tee – Metropolitan Oklahoma City
Mika Myers First Tee – Coachella Valley
Samantha Nguyen First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Ashely Pang First Tee – Silicon Valley
Saanvi Parmar First Tee – Sarasota/Manatee
Saoirse Price Sagastume First Tee – San Francisco
Arieliz Reyes First Tee – Triangle
Royelle Rice First Tee – Coastal Carolinas
Lula Rivera First Tee – Greater Wilmington
Pilar Rivera First Tee – Orange County
Luis Santana First Tee – Central Florida
Will Scott First Tee – Tennessee
Xander Sehgal First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Gabriela Simons First Tee – Greater Chicago
Christopher Taylor First Tee – Massachusetts
Abiba Tsoka-Matengula First Tee – Greater Austin
Payton Wakefield First Tee – Utah
Lillian Wallenfang First Tee – Greater Chicago
Blakely Woods First Tee – Coastal Carolinas
Braylon Young First Tee – Triangle

How to Participate

This event is only available to teens involved in First Tee chapters that are in PGA TOUR Superstore markets. The summit has a selection process that includes an application reviewed by a committee. Parents, if you want your child to participate, please inquire at your chapter.

Not Yet Involved in First Tee?