PURE Insurance Championship

PURE Insurance Championship Impacting First Tee showcases participants across the First Tee chapter network and celebrates their dedication to the game of golf and living out their character strengths and values as they strive to make an impact in their local communities. This tournament is an official PGA TOUR Champions event at Pebble Beach Golf Links on the Monterey Peninsula that pairs one junior with a PGA TOUR Champions player and two amateurs, providing life-changing mentoring opportunities. To be selected, juniors are measured on their playing ability as well as their personal growth and life skills learned through First Tee’s programs. The tournament is televised nationally on Golf Channel. 

Key Commitments

 Growing through Challenge
 Pursuing Goals
 Using Good Judgement

Learning Objectives

  • Identify opportunities for positive risk taking
  • Understand the importance of networking, building relationships, and effective communication
  • Recognize and reflect on the benefits of setting and achieving goals

2024 Selected Participants

Participant Field
First Name: Last Name: Chapter:
Adrienne Ahn First Tee – Greater Dallas
Amelia Alonso First Tee – Naples/Collier
Ryan Altenhof First Tee – Pittsburgh
Taishu Araki First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Julius Arenkiel First Tee – Greater Houston
Dylan Au First Tee – Greater Seattle
Fern Babinski First Tee – West Michigan
Joey Bernier First Tee – Tucson
Olivia Braun First Tee – South Dakota
Quentin Brooks First Tee – Savannah
Leon Bui First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Sarah Bui First Tee – Orange County
Riccardo Cabrini First Tee – St. Petersburg
Jacob Carlos Castro First Tee – Greater Dallas
Niki Chan First Tee – Greater Richmond
Jaden Chin First Tee – San Francisco
Micah Chiong First Tee – Greater Chicago
Teagan Connors First Tee – Greater New Orleans
Oliver De Guia First Tee – Tucson
Caroline DeKalb First Tee – Lakeland
Francisco Diaz First Tee – Tri-Valley
Samantha Dunn First Tee – Connecticut
Carys Fennessy First Tee – New Hampshire
Daniel Ferguson First Tee – Greater Dallas
Kaden Frierson First Tee – Greater Austin
Julian Gianelli First Tee – San Joaquin
Joshua Gitau First Tee – Greater Houston
Tyler Glynn First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Valentina Marie Guertin First Tee – Florida Gold Coast
Landry Hamm First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Noah Hankinson First Tee – Greater Dallas
Faith Hendren First Tee – Greater El Paso
Kaylie Hui First Tee – Greater New Orleans
Gabby Hultstrand First Tee – Gulf Coast
Carly Ikei First Tee – South Puget Sound
Nicole Iniakov First Tee – Monterey County
Tasnim Ismaili First Tee – Morocco
Spencer Ives First Tee – Naples/Collier
Joey Jang First Tee – Silicon Valley
Luke Krombholz First Tee – Metropolitan New York
Ethan Kwan First Tee – Greater Pasadena
Neel Ladde First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Lindsay Lee First Tee – Greater San Antonio
Ryan Lee First Tee – Greater Austin
Abigail Lin First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Maya London First Tee – Central Coast
Matthew McCorkel First Tee – Pine Mountain
Braden Miller First Tee – Naples/Collier
Zakery Mosher First Tee – Fort Worth
Sahil Nathoo First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Lauren Nau First Tee – Phoenix
Luke Newell First Tee – Salina
Samantha Nguyen First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Valentin Ortiz First Tee – Tucson
Madison Park First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Carmen Pate First Tee – Greater Houston
Jackson Perry First Tee – Salina
Michael Quallich First Tee – Pittsburgh
Arianna Rodriguez First Tee – Greater Houston
Sofia Rodriguez Pierson First Tee – Central Coast
Evan Rubenstein First Tee – Greater Chicago
Claire Scott First Tee – Greater Austin
Gianna Singh First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Gracie Smith First Tee – Greater Tyler
Tatyana Smith First Tee – Greater Baltimore
Ishdeep Sodhi First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Hannah Stouder First Tee – Greater Sacramento
Michael Switzer First Tee – Greater Charlotte
Precilla Tea First Tee – Greater Pasadena
Grady Thompson First Tee – Metropolitan Oklahoma City
Sophia Tounalom First Tee – Greater Seattle
Anabella Van Cotthem First Tee – San Diego
Abby Vernier First Tee – Gulf Coast
Sophia Waddell First Tee – Central Coast
Weston Wakefield First Tee – Central Arkansas
DJ Waller First Tee – North Florida
Dylan Walters First Tee – Benton Harbor
Keegan Westlake First Tee – Metropolitan Oklahoma City
Nicholas Yagnik First Tee – Greater Trenton
Kevin Zheng First Tee – East Baton Rouge Parish

Event Info

Date: September 17-22, 2024
Location: Pebble Beach, CA

An Inside Look at the Event