Quick 9 on Goal Setting

Categories: Blog, Character Education, Life Skills

By: Ricky Lam, First Tee scholar and alumnus 1. What is a goal? A goal is one specific step that I will take to achieve my dreams. 2. Why do goals matter? Goals matter because like the First Tee’s curriculum entailing goal ladders, without these specific steps, I will never progress objectively to...

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Looking Back at 2020: The Power of Resilience

Categories: Blog, Character Education, Programs

By Greg McLaughlin CEO, First Tee 2020 has created difficult situations for all of us, but the strength and resilience of our chapters, participants, coaches and volunteers also brought about many bright spots and accomplishments worth remembering. Today’s kids and teens are facing pressures that ...

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The Power of Mentorship

Categories: Blog, Character Education, Mentoring

If there are any silver linings to this pandemic, it’s been the coaches and mentors who have stepped up going above and beyond for our participants. The events of 2020 have reinforced the need for programs like First Tee that lift up, support and empower kids to stand strong and grow during challe...

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First Tee Gives Thanks

Categories: Blog, Character Education

When 2020 kicked off, we had so much to look forward to this year as a network. We set goals, made plans and had big dreams for the year ahead. Then March hit. Like for many others, the pandemic has brought its fair share of challenges – cancelled events, programs and trainings – but with &h...

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