48 Teens Selected for Inaugural First Tee National Championship

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL. (April 28, 2021) – First Tee has announced the 48-player field for the first-ever First Tee National Championship, June 20-24, 2021 at Clemson University. The event, postponed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will bring together First Tee’s elite golfers for an opportunity to showcase how the program has helped build the strength of character needed to play at the collegiate or next level. While COVID protocols will be in effect, the 54-hole event will take place and the winners of each girls’ and boys’ divisions will be awarded with the Tattersall Cup and also will earn an exemption into the PGA TOUR Champions’ PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee held at Pebble Beach Golf Links September 21-26, 2021. “We are excited to congratulate this field of teenagers from across the U.S. who have worked hard to advance their golf games while also staying involved in school and their chapters,” said Greg McLaughlin, First Tee CEO. “We are thankful to longtime First Tee supporter Fred Tattersall for creating this opportunity for the young people across our network of 150 chapters.” First Tee National Championship will be held annually at various college campuses around the nation providing First Tee participants the opportunity to network with others from across the country and take in the college experience. Clemson University’s The Walker Course is set to host the inaugural Championship. During the week, participants will have the opportunity to hear from PGA Head Golf Professional Steve Scott on how his values intersected with his experience of finishing Runner-Up to Tiger Woods in the 1996 U.S. Amateur Championship. The field includes 24 boys and 24 girls, ages 14-19, who were selected based on their golf skill, competitive golf experience and handicap. Players will come from 32 First Tee chapters across the country. Full list of selected participants here. First Tee is a youth development organization dedicated to helping young people learn life skills and build character through the game of golf. The National Championship is one of more than 10 national opportunities provided by First Tee headquarters to empower and motivate teens as they progress through the program and toward higher education opportunities. For more information on the tournament and First Tee, visit www.thefirsttee.org. *** About PGA TOUR First Tee Foundation (“First Tee”) First Tee (www.firsttee.org) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth development organization that is supported by the PGA TOUR. Its mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character and instill life-enhancing values through the game of golf. Since its inception in 1997, First Tee has expanded to reach more than 3.6 million young people annually through its chapter network, in schools and at youth centers. Headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA, programs are delivered in all 50 United States and select international locations. President George W. Bush serves as Honorary Chair. Media Contact: Dana Gordon [email protected] 856-397-2917

First Tee Game Changers Academy to Explore Issues of Race and Equality with Teen Participants

First Tee has partnered with RISE to facilitate the national event held July 20-24 in Philadelphia

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (January 18, 2021) − First Tee, a youth development organization that helps kids and teens build their strength of character through golf, will host the First Tee Game Changers Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, July 20-24, 2021. First Tee teens attending this five-day learning and empowerment academy will participate in critical conversations around issues of identity, racism, equity and empathy. The event will feature engaging and interactive workshops facilitated by RISE, a national nonprofit and leader in the sports community championing social justice and working to improve race relations. The workshops will be paired with introspective activities and reflections led by our nationally trained First Tee coaches and keynote speakers from the sports industry including Philadelphia native and PGA TOUR Chief Legal Officer, Len Brown. First Tee – Greater Philadelphia will host the teens for golf outings at John F. Byrne Golf Course where they will continue to build upon their connections with other participants from around the country and hear different perspectives from their peers. The Academy builds throughout the week into a final outreach project in Philadelphia. “The events of 2020 have reinforced the need for dialogue and to provide a platform for our teens to explore critical topics like diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Greg McLaughlin, First Tee CEO. “Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., has always been an advocate for social justice and I’m proud to carry forward his passion through an event that will empower our participants to be game changers in their community.” This Academy is an evolution of our longest standing participant event, the Life Skills Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. The enhanced event addresses the challenges our teens face in their daily lives and better equips them to build the strength of character to be game changers in their communities. The Academy honors First Tee’s former CEO, Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., who led the organization from 2000 until his retirement in 2017. “First Tee has and always will be a program that encourages personal growth and life skill development that young people can take with them wherever they go,” said Barrow. “I’m grateful to be associated with an event that will serve as an important platform for critical conversations on the subject of racial equity. I believe it will have a significant impact on the young people who attend, and ultimately their families and communities.” First Tee Game Changers Academy Honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. is one of several national opportunities provided by First Tee headquarters designed to inspire and encourage high school students on a deeper level as they progress through the program and toward higher education opportunities. Ninety-six First Tee teens will be selected for this event via an application process that opens Feb. 9. First Tee is a youth development organization that enables kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with a life skills curriculum, First Tee creates active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence and resilience that kids can carry to everything they do. These character education programs are offered at golf courses, schools and youth centers in all 50 states and six international locations. For more information on First Tee, visit www.firsttee.org.

Checking in on the First Tee College Scholarship Class of 2020

By Sara Wright, Guest Blogger PGA TOUR Staff Beyond First Tee’s core programming, which focuses on empowering kids and teens to build strength of character through active learning experiences, First Tee has designed a college scholarship program to provide further life skill development and mentorship for alumni throughout their collegiate career. The First Tee College Scholarship Program was relaunched this year to support deserving students across the country as they pursue their dreams of higher education. This program not only provides financial assistance, but professional development workshops, access to post-graduate employment opportunities, and pairs the scholars with dedicated mentors in their field. On the heels of the recent announcement highlighting TruGreen’s partnership with First Tee and the expansion of the First Tee College Scholarship Program, we took the opportunity to check-in with this year’s nine scholarship recipients. Through the program, the scholars have attended a pre-college retreat and have been paired with their mentors who will help guide them through the next four years of their college experience. We wanted to hear what it’s been like for them navigating their freshmen year during a pandemic and how the lessons learned in First Tee have set them up for success. “For me, the greatest skills and lessons from First Tee have all been surrounding perseverance,” said Sara Rintoul, First Tee — Central Florida alumna and University of Florida freshman. “Between COVID, moving to a new city, and actually beginning college classes, I have certainly encountered many learning curves. But often, when I face a challenge or just feel unsure about myself, I remember the countless First Tee classes I attended in which coaches and even my peers would encourage perseverance. I was prepared to face difficulties with a positive and tactical mindset. This mindset is what has made my college experience thus far successful – or at least manageable at times when it was trying.” Luke Boldt from First Tee — Coastal Carolinas agrees with Sara regarding the power of perseverance. Boldt is attending East Carolina University where he is majoring in Public Health. “Starting out in college has been tough and I have used perseverance to push through the hardships of classes and maintain academic proficiency, while also managing a social life,” Boldt said. “Perseverance is no doubt one of the most important traits I have learned from being involved with First Tee. I don’t know where I’d be without this program and all it has given me.” Denise Wei of First Tee – San Francisco is currently studying Business Administration at the University of California, Irvine. She has also found a ton of value in First Tee’s perseverance lessons, as she’s currently taking all of her classes remotely, from home, and says that even though she took virtual classes during her last year of high school, online classes at the university level feel completely different. “Each class is filled with more than 200 students and it’s hard to get that one-on-one interaction with my classmates as well as the professor,” Wei said. “Also, since classes are virtual, I have to rely on myself to get things done and keep track of the assignments that are due. Perseverance has been extremely important, as I have been flooded with homework the first two weeks of school and with perseverance, I was able to get through it. I realized that college isn’t as easy as I thought it was, but I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals.” Kelly Low from First Tee — Fort Worth has had a good experience taking online classes through the University of Texas at Dallas, but says every week holds a new challenge. “In the past, I struggled a lot, whether that was with my grades or playing golf,” she admits. “But First Tee taught me how to navigate through challenges, embracing that struggle, and most importantly to have confidence in myself and what I can accomplish.” Ricky Lam started school this fall at Harvard University. He is also in a virtual learning environment, studying linear algebra, microeconomics and classical Chinese philosophy, while living in student housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “My college experience has been amazing,” Lam said. “Because of the pandemic, much of the rush for socializing has slowed down and become more inclusive, helping me feel less overwhelmed with the transition to college. I have been able to use First Tee’s focus on open-ended questions to become more vulnerable, caring, and curious to meet those around me, facilitating deeper and more enjoyable conversations.” Lam, an alumnus of First Tee — Tri-Valley, went on to tell about how important it was to meet his mentor, James, who was able to give him practical insights into what his future in finance, private equity and financial advising could look like. “We had such a fulfilling first conversation,” Lam added. “His story, his ups-and-downs and his immense perseverance throughout his career in finance was truly inspiring to me. I am so grateful to First Tee for this experience.” First Tee — Miami alumna Nicole Monsalve is planning on majoring in economics at Duke University, and despite the COVID regulations that have been implemented on campus, she also has been able to get to see new faces (the top half at least) and make friends that have made this transition a little less challenging and a lot more fun. “Courtesy is a big value that I am focusing on here in college,” Monsalve said. “I have made sure to learn the names of the cleaning crew in my building, the ladies and gentlemen in the cafeteria, the guys at the smoothie bar I go to, and those that oversee the gym, so that every time I see them I am able to give them a proper greeting and call them by their name. It may seem small, but you can see how happy they are when you go out of your way to recognize them. In doing this, the school feels more like a community and I feel more at home.” Remi Shendell of First Tee – Metropolitan New York has been able to live on campus and take a couple of classes in person while studying Human Health and Biology at Emory University. “Although it is different than what I imagined college would be like, I am enjoying the people, surroundings, and the new independence that I have,” Shendell said. “One of the most important skills I learned from First Tee was introducing myself and reaching out to people. Living at college in a pandemic can be isolating because there are a lot of new people and not that many scheduled opportunities to meet them in person. First Tee gave me confidence in my social skills, whether it be introducing myself to a fellow classmate or talking to a professor.” Now, of course, not every scholar was able to attend their intended school this fall. Blake Brantley from First Tee — Triad was set to attend Yale University, but due to COVID limitations, decided to take a gap year instead. Brantley did still attend First Tee’s pre-college retreat and really appreciated all the speakers and information that was provided to keep him on track. “One of my biggest takeaways came from the time-management portion,” said Brantley of the retreat. “Here we talked about building plans and schedules to help keep us on track every day which has helped me keep moving toward my goals. Everyone within the First Tee organization is very eager to help us all succeed and are happy to provide us with any tools we might need to reach our full potential.” Jessica Jiao, who participated at First Tee —Metropolitan New York, is currently attending Georgetown University. She also felt the tremendous support from First Tee during the pre-college retreat. “I had so many people supporting me and as the program goes on, I will always have a team of “go-to people” whom I can rely on for help during my college journey. Through communicating with my First Tee peers, working with my coaches and counselors, I’ve become comfortable with reaching out to others. May it be for help, guidance or support, communication has been one of the most important skills in my life and I’m thankful I was given the chance to collaborate with others through First Tee.” Applications for next year’s First Tee College Scholarship Program will open to First Tee students in early 2021. For more information, visit firsttee.org.

PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee Brings Surprises for High School Seniors and Meaningful Donation

Monterey Peninsula Foundation, PURE Insurance and others unite to donate $500,000 to First Tee

ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida (Sept. 21, 2020) – While the 2020 PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee, a PGA TOUR Champions event, was played at Pebble Beach this past week without First Tee juniors in the field due to COVID-19, the positive impact will be felt for years to come thanks to several surprises and a generous $500,000 donation from supportive partners. Monterey Peninsula Foundation, the entity that operates the PURE Insurance Championship, PURE Insurance, and Chevron came together in support of First Tee’s mission through a generous $500,000 pledge that will fund much-needed technology projects for the nonprofit youth development organization. All 70 high school seniors from First Tee chapters who applied to participate in the 2020 PURE Insurance Championship were surprised with a one-time contribution toward college and their names donned on PGA TOUR Champions caddy bibs. All First Tee applicants were invited to virtual experiences that included a video presentation on character values from influencers including professional athletes, actors and politicians, as well as a private concert performance from Train and Pat Monahan. “The donations to support First Tee’s technology efforts are deeply appreciated and will make a foundational impact in our ability to reach and connect with young people from all backgrounds,” said Greg McLaughlin, First Tee CEO. “It will truly have a lasting effect and a shining outcome from what has been a challenging year on many fronts. We are grateful to the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, PURE Insurance and PGA TOUR Champions players who went above and beyond to make the First Tee applicants feel included in this year’s event.” The donation will be used to help First Tee build important digital infrastructure that improves kids’ experience and provides 24/7 access to the program, as well as improve virtual education and training for adults, which is critical for expansion and reaching more kids and teens. In addition, funding from Chevron will go toward supporting select alumni with a financial contribution toward their higher education. “First Tee participants were missed dearly at this year’s PURE Insurance Championship,” said Steve John, tournament director and CEO for Monterey Peninsula Foundation. “The teens have shown resilience in a year of adversity, which reinforces why we support organizations like First Tee that help lift up young people and empower them to build their strength of character.” For the last 17 years, PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee has provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for First Tee teen participants to meet, play and be mentored by PGA TOUR Champions players and amateurs from the business world. Due to the global pandemic, the First Tee teens did not play in this year’s event but were still recognized for their hard work and efforts to qualify for the application process. “We are proud to continue our involvement with this wonderful event and to help support the important work of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation and First Tee,” said Katie Krum, Chief Marketing Officer of the PURE Group of Insurance Companies. “Supporting these incredible young men and women from the First Tee through this sponsorship is tremendously rewarding for our entire team.” First Tee is a youth development organization that empowers kids to build their strength of character through the game of golf. The PURE Insurance Championship is one of several national opportunities provided by First Tee headquarters to encourage and inspire kids as they progress through the program toward higher education opportunities. For more information on the tournament, visit PUREInsuranceChampionship.com. For more information on First Tee, visit firsttee.org.

The Power of the PURE Insurance Championship: First Tee Alumni Success Stories

For the last 17 years, the PURE Insurance Championship has welcomed teens from First Tee chapters nationwide to Pebble Beach Golf Links and Poppy Hills Golf Course. Throughout the week the teens apply the life and leadership skills learned from First Tee programs during an event where they are paired with a PGA TOUR Champions player and amateurs from the business world. For many of the teens who are selected for the tournament, the experience opens their eyes to the possibilities in golf and beyond as they are contemplating post-secondary education and careers, and in some cases, managing fears and emotions. This week, we take a look at several alumni who played in this tournament and how they’ve applied the lessons they learned from First Tee and this experience to reaching for their dreams. Michelle Xie, First Tee — Silicon Valley Played in 2013 with Kirk Triplett Michelle recalls her participation in the PURE Insurance Championship as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She played and won the tournament in 2013 alongside Kirk Triplett. The two established an immediate connection, which led to coachable moments on how to manage the mental and physical demands of the game – both on and off the course. Nothing compared to the exhilaration, nerves and pressure Michelle felt walking down the fairway with Triplett as their pro-junior team was in contention. Those moments of mentorship provided Michelle great perspective to deal with the rigorous schedule of being a student-athlete at Harvard University. Michelle graduated from Harvard in 2019 with a degree in molecular and cellular biology. She played on the women’s golf team, receiving numerous accolades including being named the 2018 Ivy League Individual Champion and was voted as team captain her senior year. Michelle recently moved back to the Silicon Valley to join REX Real Estate as a software engineer. Although she is not spending as much time at the golf course as she once did, Michelle still uses the many time management and problem-solving skills she learned from competitive golf and First Tee. Now that Michelle is back home, she has become a volunteer coach at the First Tee — Silicon Valley to mentor the next generation of participants. Rayshon Payton, First Tee — Metropolitan Oklahoma City Played in 2005 with Gil Morgan An alumus from First Tee — Metropolitan Oklahoma City, Rayshon remembers watching the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach on TV in 2000. From that point on, he dreamed of playing on the course one day himself. This dream became a reality in 2005 when he was selected for the PURE Insurance Championship, paired with PGA TOUR Champions player Gil Morgan. They found themselves in the final pairing on Sunday at Pebble Beach where Rayshon ended up holing out from the 12th bunker on national television. Rayshon has continued to pursue his dreams off the course. He interned at The White House, working in the office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs where he had the opportunity to work with Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett. Today, he is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, College of Law, and is currently the Legislative Director for Representative Kendra Horn. Sara Scarlett, First Tee — Greater Sacramento Played in 2011 with Jerry Pate Being selected for the PURE Insurance Championship is a goal for many First Tee participants. That was definitely the case for alumna Sara Scarlett. She joined First Tee around the same time that she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. Sara’s confidence was low, and she was struggling to balance her medical needs with the desire to have an active and social childhood. First Tee became her sanctuary – a place where she learned the life skills and core values that would ultimately shape her into a confident teenager who always looked on the “bright side.” In 2011, she played in the PURE Insurance Championship with Jerry Pate. Some of Sara’s favorite memories include chipping in on the 10th hole at Pebble Beach and the motivational talks with her partner. Sara went on to play on the women’s golf team at University of Texas, graduating in 2017. Sara now works for Chevron on the Corporate Affairs team where she works with the local community and nonprofits on Chevron-supported initiatives. Sara says she is lucky to have been taught the value of diversity at a young age from First Tee. Taryn Yee, First Tee — Greater Sacramento Played in 2009 with Jim Thorpe For alumna Taryn Yee, playing in the PURE Insurance Championship was the first major goal she set for herself and accomplished on her own merit. Yee claims that she felt like a star when she first arrived at the 2009 PURE Insurance Championship at Pebble Beach. Taryn played with Jim Thorpe, and she says the biggest takeaway was how confident she was at the end of the tournament. The PURE Insurance Championship and the lessons she learned there have provided her self-confidence that she carried with her through college and now into her successful career. Taryn was a student-athlete at University of California, Irvine. As a freshman, she was selected to attend the PwC Executive Forum at THE PLAYERS Championship as an alumni opportunity with First Tee. At the event, she met PwC executives, spoke with clients and was introduced to the business industry and public accounting. This experience led to a new goal for Taryn, which was to graduate with an accounting degree and become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She accomplished that goal, which ultimately led her to career opportunities at PwC, The Gap, and her current position as a financial analyst at Facebook headquarters. Through setting goals and perseverance, Taryn has been able to stay positive and work through challenges to achieve her goals. “I have the confidence that I can accomplish anything. There is no such thing as an intangible goal!” Justin Potwora, First Tee Greater Portland Played in 2017 with Bernhard Langer It wasn’t too long ago that alumnus Justin Potwora was holding up the PURE Insurance Championship trophy with his partner, Bernhard Langer. Meeting First Tee participants from across the country and hearing about their experiences and perspectives left a lasting impact on Justin. Currently, Justin is entering his senior year at Southern Methodist University where he is majoring in finance. He was recently promoted to Portfolio Manager with Boulevard Investment Group and is also the Philanthropy Chair for his fraternity which raised more than $50,000 for Huntsman Cancer Foundation. His goal is to eventually work for a private equity firm and continue to be a leader in his community. Justin credits First Tee with teaching him how to act professionally, selflessly and never compromise his character and values in whatever he sets out to accomplish. John Louie, First Tee — Monterey County Played in 2009 with Donnie Hammond Played in 2010 with Bobby Clampett John joined First Tee — Monterey County not long after its inception in September 2004. John attended Salinas High School, but had visions of achieving more. One day he told his father that by using “Goal Setting,” a life skill he had learned at First Tee, he had set a goal to attend Stevenson High School. John applied himself and with his parents’ support, John became a Stevenson “Pirate.” John competed on the golf team for Stevenson and represented First tee — Monterey County in the 2009 and 2010 tournaments at Pebble Beach. John was accepted to Middlebury College in Vermont, playing on the men’s golf team for three years. He was tempted to stay on the East Coast and work in finance in New York City like many of his fellow Panthers. However, his heart was in Salinas and the agricultural town where he grew up. He was offered a position with Tanimura & Antle, one of the top agricultural companies in Salinas. He has since worked his way up the company and now leads one of the firm’s recent acquisitions, PlantTape. John serves on the Board Committee for Taylor Farms Center For Learning. Last year, he was nominated as a member of the Board of Directors of First Tee — Monterey County, where he continues to give back by mentoring teens in the program.
Though this year’s event will be played without our First Tee participants, this tournament has remained committed to recognizing our participants, their hard work and aspirations. We are grateful to PURE Insurance, Pebble Beach and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation for investing in their futures through First Tee. Learn more about how we provide access to the game and new opportunities through our character-building programs.

First Tee Scholars Inspire Us to Reach for Our Dreams

Now, more than ever, change surrounds us. From the way we attend school to shopping for groceries, our way of life has changed in the last few months. But that was only just the beginning. Recent events have led to an outpouring of protests and advocacy demanding change – change for equality and an end to social injustice for the black community. While change can sometimes be hard, it’s our youth who inspires us. They’re resilient and adaptable as they reach for their dreams and work towards creating a better world. Today, we announced nine First Tee alumni who were selected for the First Tee College Scholarship Program. This diverse group of young leaders were selected from an impressive applicant pool based on academics and community service. The Scholars include aspiring doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, several of whom will be attending elite universities like Harvard, Yale and Duke, among others. We know they are the change-makers that this world needs. Throughout the College Scholarship Program, the Scholars will receive support and mentoring to encourage continuous personal growth as they set out to accomplish their dreams and make a difference in the world.

President George W. Bush Surprises the Scholars

The seven high school graduates received the news on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive with a surprise personal congratulatory message from President George W. Bush, Honorary Chair of First Tee. “Your hard work has paid off,” said President George W. Bush. “The coming years will bring new learning, new friendships, new challenges and new opportunities. Remembering the values you have learned through the First Tee will help you for the years to come. Laura and I join your family and friends and recognize you on this special occasion, and we send our best wishes.”

Meet the Scholars

Luke Boldt First Tee – Coastal Carolinas East Carolina University
  • Luke has been an active member at his chapter since he was four years old, a grand total of 14 years. In that time, he has grown with the chapter into a leader on and off the course. He has founded a special needs golf program with his twin brother called Buddy Tee.
  • He is an Ace-certified participant and Eagle Scout, and will attend East Carolina University, majoring in Public Health with his concentration in Pre-Health Professions.
  • He is an East Carolina Scholar, a merit-based scholarship program offered to the University’s top incoming freshmen students.
  • When he is not spending time in the classroom, Luke enjoys fishing with his brother and golf and was a participant in the 2019 PURE Insurance Championship.
“When I first started at First Tee fourteen years ago, I could have never imagined the opportunities available to me to contribute to my community. The key learnings from First Tee have served as pillars for my moral character and are what I credit my success as a student, athlete and citizen. Because of the First Tee I feel obliged to give to this world more than I ever expect to receive from it.” Blake Brantley First Tee – Triad Yale University 
  • Blake, who has been a participant at his chapter for eight years, will continue to pursue golf at Yale while majoring in Economics and Pre-Law.
  • He earned Ace certification, the highest level in the program, and volunteers as a coach and mentor to the participants of the chapter in the summer.
  • He was the captain and MVP of his high school’s varsity golf team and served as the captain of the Academic Team.
  • He credits First Tee with inspiring him to give back to members of his community. He co-founded a charity called Golf For Life in which he a ran a fundraiser to collect equipment and monetary donations for scholarships for the First Tee of the Triad participants raising $50,000 to date.
“Without First Tee’s values that set the standard for my personal par of excellence, I would have never been able to take on these responsibilities and gained the confidence and leadership experience to execute my plan.” Jessica Jiao First Tee – Metropolitan New York Georgetown University
  • Jessica has been a member of the First Tee of Metropolitan New York for more than eight years and has taught golf in the City Parks Foundation over the last two years.
  • An Ace participant and first-generation college student, Jessica will attend Georgetown University with a focus in Business Administration and Social Justice/Responsibility.
  • Jessica has played golf since the age of nine and earned several awards including: National Science Honors Society, Honor Roll, First Tee A/B Honor Roll, and AP Scholar with Distinction.
  • Jessica has a passion for philanthropy. She aspires to help children and has recently started a non-profit organization, The Jessica Jiao Children’s Foundation.
“Growing up in the First Tee program made me aware of one large philosophy the First Tee and I have, and strive to follow; helping children. The First Tee found me at the mere age of nine, only a year into playing golf and still not able to hold my finish with confidence. I was taken under the First Tee’s wing and nurtured to become a stronger golfer and person.”  Ricky Lam First Tee – Tri-Valley Harvard University  
  • Ricky has been a member of the First Tee of Tri-Valley since 2017. An Ace participant, he volunteers as a coach and mentor to the youth participants at his chapter.
  • Ricky is a first-generation college student, and will attend Harvard University, majoring in Economics. Always working hard to continue to support his community, Ricky aspires to become a leading financial advisor and entrepreneur.
  • He is the Salutatorian of the Oakland Technical Class of 2020, and a National Merit Commended Scholar. He is a boy scout and a peer tutor for AP Statistic students while also playing on the varsity golf team.
“My definition of success is my ability to impact the lives of others. At Harvard, I plan to be a go-to person by not only using perseverance to uplift myself but by making it my responsibility to provide others with adequate guidance and support to achieve their dreams.” Kelly Low First Tee – Fort Worth University of Texas at Dallas
  • Kelly has been a participant at the First Tee of Fort Worth for five years and has been involved as a junior coach and active member of the chapter’s Junior Advisory Board.
  • An Ace participant and first-generation U.S citizen, Kelly will attend the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in computer science.
  • Kelly has a passion for all aspects of the science field and was a member of the Rocket Science Club as well as an AP scholar and member of the varsity golf team. She also was an intern at Lockheed Martin during her time in high school.
    “Dealing with challenges was something I used to avoid before being a part of First Tee. Remembering the life skills taught by First Tee, I was able to continue to pursue challenges without losing confidence. First Tee taught me to have confidence in my decisions as I go through life.” Nicole Monsalve First Tee – Miami Duke University
  • Nicole has been a participant at the First Tee of Miami for more than five years, serving as a junior coach and counselor while also an active member of the First Tee Junior Advisory board.
  • Nicole, an AP Scholar with Distinction and a National Hispanic Scholar will attend Duke University, majoring in Pre-Med, Biology. She aspires to be an NFL team doctor.
  • A two sport athlete in both golf and track, during her time in High School she directed the First Tee of Miami High School Prep Bootcamp, a camp that focused on young athletes providing help with schoolwork, time management organization and prioritization; Nicole offered guidance and served in a mentorship role.
  • She also serves as the founder and director of “Box It Tournament,” a tournament that Nicole put together to raise money for a local homeless shelter; she was responsible for fundraising, sponsorship and advertising and helped raise $6,000
 “First Tee has cultivated my prowess as a student and a golfer, and the skills I learned through the program will propel me forward as I pursue my endeavors and allow me to stand out in the classroom, the sports world and my career.” Sara Rintoul First Tee – Central Florida University of Florida 
  • Sara has been a member of her chapter for the past seven years she will attend the University of Florida, and major in Health Sciences and International Studies.
  • Sara attended First Tee’s national participant event, the Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. Life Skills and Leadership Academy, in 2018 where she was awarded the Renee Powell Outstanding Female Leader Award.
  • The captain of her high school golf team, she is also a Recipient of the National Security Language Initiative for Youth Scholarship to study Arabic abroad as a representative of the U.S.; traveled to North Africa to learn Arabic in 2019.
  “My experiences with First Tee have inspired me to make a positive impact specifically by creating positive change worldwide through cross-cultural connections. I have had opportunities that have changed my life, and those memories can be attributed to First Tee.” Remi Shendell First Tee – Metropolitan New York Emory University
  • Remi has been a participant of First Tee of Metropolitan New York for nine years and served as an Ace Scholars Tutor and junior coach.
  • An Ace participant, she will attend Emory University, majoring in Biology and Human health. She aspires to attend medical school and become a doctor dealing with infectious diseases at the CDC or WHO
  • An AP Scholar with honors, Remi is the team captain of the golf team and dances Ballet Modern and Jazz in her free time. She also is the Director of Public Relations for high school’s Girls Learn International chapter, empowering middle and high school students to advocate for human rights, equality and universal education in the U.S. and around the world.
“First Tee’s self-management skills will help me in college to maximize my education and extracurricular experience. I have learned here of my passion for learning and helping others and hope to now teach others to love golf, too.” Denise Wei First Tee – San Francisco University of California, Irvine
  • Denise has been a member of the First Tee of San Francisco for the past eight years and has served as a junior coach over the last two years. She also had the opportunity to play in the First Tee Regional Cup when she was in 6th grade.
  • Denise played golf competitively in high school and local tournaments and earned several awards including: Future Grads Award, AP Scholar and Bronze Medal AAA for the CIF SF Section Girls Golf.
  • Denise is a first-generation college student and first-generation high school graduate. She will attend University of California, Irvine, and will major in Business Administration.
  • She is very excited to pursue a career in accounting. Denise plans to complete a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Accounting and Finance, an MBA and then aspires to work with PwC.
“When the First Tee of San Francisco introduced me to the game of golf at the age of 10, it was a great opportunity for me to be introduced to a game that I thought was not available to me. The program taught me about character and career opportunities. I felt so privileged through the years because of the benefits the program gave to me.”

About the Program

The First Tee College Scholarship Program extends its impact to alumni by providing support throughout their post-graduate career. Each of the scholars will be paired with a dedicated, trained adult mentor who will help encourage and guide them throughout the college experience, including virtual and in-person meetups. The program also provides scholarships up to $5,000 per year for four years, plus professional development workshops held in-person throughout the year. In addition, scholars will receive assistance with internships and full-time employment placement post-graduation. First Tee is a youth development organization dedicated to providing active learning experiences that empowers young people to build their character through the game of golf. The First Tee College Scholarship Program is open to active participants of First Tee chapters graduating from high school who meet the minimum requirements. Applications were received from participants at 32 chapters in 24 states across the nation. Following an online application process, 10 finalists were selected by a committee for one-on-one interviews. Applicants were considered based on financial need, academic performance, chapter involvement, volunteerism, community service and other criteria.

Meet the Winners of the Wells Fargo Succeeding Together Contest

Empowering kids through a lifetime of new challenges and continuous personal growth is at the heart of First Tee. One of our participant opportunities, the Wells Fargo Succeeding Together Contest, shines a light on a few extraordinary participants and their personal journeys to become better students, citizens and golfers in an effort to prepare for life. These top four winners have proven in their writing and through their actions that leadership is always possible, and if we build a community, it is always possible to succeed together.

Grand Prize Winner: Raymond Jin, First Tee of Greater Trenton

Raymond first became involved with First Tee through his mother’s friend. Nervous and a bit shy, Raymond was naturally reluctant. But it turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made. “As I progressed through the program, First Tee completely changed me as a person. Before, I was a shy little boy hiding behind my parents’ back. Now, I’m able to interact and form lasting relationships with people from all walks of life. I now embrace unconventionality and uncertainty and thrive in new and unfamiliar situations. Because of First Tee, I am able to make a difference in the lives of young people and those in my community. I am passionate about working with people and mentoring.” Involved with First Tee of Greater Trenton for six years, Raymond now serves as a junior coach mentoring young kids in the program. Outside his time with First Tee, he also has a budding career as an amateur musician. Competing as a classically trained violinist, Raymond was a competitor on China’s Got Talent, and finished second in the junior division. He also is a concertmaster and member of the All-State Orchestra. He has had internships with New Jersey Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson is also a Scholastic Gold and Silver Key in photography. He’s currently a junior in high school and his immediate goals include getting into college majoring in managerial business or financial engineering, with the goal of opening up his own business to serve underserved communities through professional development initiatives. He values the foundations of mentorship provided to him at First Tee of Greater Trenton and the meaning it has brought to his life. “I now understand the value of discovering talent in unorthodox places. Today, my students are my chief source of inspiration and constant, tireless improvement as a student, athlete, artist, musician, leader, mentor and citizen in the 21st Century. My students’ struggles are my test of strength, and their willingness to learn and ceaseless energy are the only compensation I need for a lifetime of public service.” Read Raymond’s essay that earned him a spot in the Wells Fargo Pro-am.

Jalyn Robinson, First Tee of Greater Sacramento (First Prize Winner)

Jalyn didn’t start seriously thinking about golf until sixth grade. It was then that she learned about the inviting nature of First Tee. “My mom and I were drawn to First Tee because you didn’t have to have a history with golf to be part of the program; plus, it wasn’t just about the technicalities of the sport. We participated in fun challenges, games and events. I had the chance to make amazing friendships.” As Jalyn has progressed through the program, she steadily transitioned to a leader in the program and credits First Tee with giving her the opportunity to create meaningful, personal friendships that have withstood the test of time. Jalyn dreams of playing collegiate golf, but certainly understands the challenges that can bring. She has learned to embrace those difficult challenges. “First Tee taught me to embrace failures because they are going to happen. How you choose to deal with that failure is what will truly impact you. First Tee not only taught me how to embrace my failures on the course, but also how to analyze, learn and move on from tough experiences off the course.” Jalyn also credits her mother with the encouragement that has led her to success. “She has always given me a listening ear, caring heart and comfortable shoulder to cry on when things are difficult for me to handle. Because of her, my passion to be the change I want to see becomes vivid each day.”

Kayli Lucas, First Tee of Tennessee (First Prize Winner)

Kayli was first introduced to First Tee from a church friend in sixth grade. Before entering First Tee, Kayli was introverted and says she had low self-esteem. As she progressed through the life skills and golf curriculum, she felt her demeanor change. “I wanted to be adventurous and try new opportunities, but my confidence did not match my ambitions… I had finally found a place to grow and express my interests. The camaraderie among participants and coaches is unparalleled at First Tee. As I began to mature and find myself as a person, I was supported and guided by those around me, and simultaneously, I was able to do the same for others.” Gaining self-confidence changed Kayli’s life. “I initially did not pass ‘Par’ after my first time attending the course, but the process of retaking and passing ‘Par’ taught me that a lack of confidence was my only limitation – not the opinion of others. After this pivotal event in my life, I began to flourish and break out of my shell in all aspects. As a student, I embraced my unique qualities and began to excel in not only the classroom, but also in social settings. I began to confidently express myself and develop friendships with everyone I met. On the golf course, my game entered an entirely new level. My newfound confidence and work ethic advanced me to enter the ACE Program at the start of my freshman year of high school.” Kayli played on the varsity golf team throughout her high school career, leading them to the regional tournament for the first time in the school’s history. She will attend the University of Alabama in the fall, majoring in biology. Though she doesn’t yet know her long-term career goals, Kayli hopes to continue her journey with First Tee by turning to her peers and mentors for counsel when faced with challenging decisions.

Maya Hunter, First Tee of Benton Harbor (First Prize Winner)

Maya began her First Tee journey at a very young age alongside her brother. Their local chapter had recently opened a location in their area. Even though Maya had never played golf before, her mother signed her up for a summer program. That summer program quickly turned into something more as she progressed through the program, falling in love with golf and the life lessons learned through First Tee. “The core values and everything else I learned positively impacted my life in many ways. Many of the lessons were easy to take into everyday life, like a simple confident handshake or earning and giving the respect we all deserve.” Maya recalls a time in her golf career where honesty was more important than winning. “Honesty is a true judge of character. If I can keep a reputation of honesty on the course and in life, which is quite hard sometimes, I believe I will be a step ahead of everyone at my level. I may not be physically better, but I am willing to make a hard decision to stay true to my moral code of honesty.” Maya will be entering her senior year of high school this fall. She hopes to win regionals and a state title and earn a full scholarship through a caddy program to a top university.
These four winners will attend the 2021 Wells Fargo Championship. As the Grand Prize Winner, Raymond will experience the thrill of playing golf with the PGA TOUR professional of his choice during the tournament’s pro-am. Thank you, Wells Fargo for your longstanding partnership and support of First Tee. Wells Fargo has renewed their commitment for the next five years to support First Tee’s youth development program. Thank you to all applicants, and congratulations to all finalists!

First Tee Kicks Off Nationwide Summer Registration at THE PLAYERS, Engages Kids & Fans Through On-Site Experiences

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (Feb. 27, 2020) – First Tee, a youth development organization providing active learning experiences to help young people build character through the game of golf, will kick off summer registration around the country and showcase the impact of its program as a featured charity during THE PLAYERS Championship, March 10-15, 2020. Highlights for the week include:
  • The 17th Hole Challenge presented by Morgan Stanley, Grant Thornton and Optum: First Tee is about building character and using that inner-strength to take on new challenges in life. Throughout the week, guests can demonstrate their self-confidence on a replica of the famed par-3 17th at TPC Sawgrass. Fans will have the option to purchase a third shot or a First Tee Fast Pass, with proceeds benefiting First Tee of North Florida. Located in THE PLAYERS Welcome Experience at the Nicklaus entry, high-profile influencers and celebrities are known to stop by to take the challenge.
  • Youth Clinic with PGA TOUR pros: On Monday, March 9, a youth clinic will take place with participants from the First Tee of North Florida and PGA TOUR professionals, in conjunction with Nike, at the 17th Hole Challenge. Media are invited for the purposes of covering the event and must apply for tournament credentials by February 28 at pgatourmedia.com.
  • Girls Golf Mentoring Event: On Tuesday, March 10, Morgan Stanley – one of THE PLAYERS Championship’s Proud Partners – will host girls from First Tee of North Florida in a private event focused on mentorship and financial literacy with LPGA professional Cheyenne Woods and local Morgan Stanley leaders. Media are invited for the purposes of covering the event and must apply for tournament credentials by February 28 at pgatourmedia.com.
  • Featured Charity of the Day: On Wednesday, March 11, First Tee will give away free bag tags to the first 5,000 fans and will be featured onsite throughout the tournament and on THE PLAYERS digital channels.
  • Cola’s Reverse Vending Machine Benefiting First Tee: Fans can demonstrate their commitment to the next generation by recycling all plastic bottles throughout the week in Coca-Cola’s ‘reverse vending machine’ in Stadium Village. With each recycled item, Coca-Cola will automatically donate to First Tee of North Florida.
  • Featured First Tee Participants and Alumni at THE PLAYERS: Throughout the week, First Tee of North Florida participants will be experiencing the event, many for the first time, and First Tee, First Tee of North Florida and THE PLAYERS will spotlight their engagement on digital channels. Bios and quotes are below.
Fans around the country watching THE PLAYERS can sign their children up at one of the First Tee chapters offering programs at more than 1,200 locations. Trained coaches deliver the programs to kids and teens, helping build self-confidence, inner-strength and resilience, and equipping them with tools that they can apply in school, their careers and whatever they set out to do. To learn more about First Tee’s impact on youth and summer registration, visit FirstTee.org. More information about THE PLAYERS is available at THEPLAYERS.com. Impactful Participant Stories, First Tee of North Florida Blair Waters, a First Tee of North Florida alumnus, has benefited immensely from learning First Tee’s values like perseverance and self-confidence. With support from his First Tee coaches, Waters found the inner-strength to complete high school after nearly dropping out. Now a graduate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a degree in Professional Golf Management, Blair currently works at Desert Mountain Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. He recently returned to North Florida to participate in THE PLAYERS Charity Shootout held in February. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without First Tee.” – Blair Waters, age 27 —————————————————————————————————– Manyi Ngu and her sister Mombo are immigrants from Cameroon. Coming from a single-parent household, Manyi’s experiences with First Tee have inspired her to become a leader and give back to her community. “First Tee has nurtured me and given me the confidence to approach every aspect of my life proactively.” – Manyi Ngu, age 16 —————————————————————————————————– Jacob Davis exhibits the values and character First Tee instills in young people. Despite having a rare condition that has required more than 30 surgeries, Jacob exudes positivity, continuing to give back to his community. After completing his Eagle Scout project of fulfilling an entire wish lists at local animal shelters, Jacob decided to do the repeat the project a second time. “First Tee has given me opportunities to play at golf courses I might not have had the chance to play, while making new friends and learning from others.” – Jacob Davis, age 16 —————————————————————————————————– Caitlyn Lavant, a sixth grader, is one of the most active participants at the chapter at just 11 years old. When Caitlyn’s family experienced personal hardships, she found community in the First Tee. “I am equipped for life because First Tee has made me a better person.” – Caitlyn Lavant, age 11 —————————————————————————————————– Brandon Fowler might never have played golf had it not been for First Tee. Brandon has actively taken advantage of all the opportunities afforded to him by First Tee and looks forward to giving back to the chapter that gave so much to him. First Tee has provided Brandon with the opportunity to explore possibilities that golf can provide while helping him grow personally. “First Tee has given me self-confidence. I’ll always know I can succeed, even when things are difficult.” – Brandon Fowler, age 15 —————————————————————————————————– Grace Richards was selected to attend one of First Tee’s national participant opportunities, the 2019 Joe Louis Barrow Jr. Life Skills and Leadership Academy. She had the opportunity to develop and hone skills to become leader at her chapter, school and community. Grace aspires to become the executive director of a non-profit. “I am different because First Tee taught me how to become a confident leader. I used to enter group settings with reservation. Because of First Tee, I can take charge, lead with confidence and take on life’s challenges with a positive attitude.” – Grace Richards, age 16 —————————————————————————————————– View photos of the First Tee of North Florida participants. *** About First Tee First Tee (www.firsttee.org) is a nonprofit youth development organization whose mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character and instill life-enhancing values through the game of golf. Since beginning in 1997, First Tee has expanded to reach millions of young people on golf courses, in schools and at youth centers. First Tee is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, USA, with programs in all 50 United States and select international locations. About THE PLAYERS Championship THE PLAYERS Championship annually combines the strongest field in golf with the world-class venue that is THE PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. Morgan Stanley, Grant Thornton LLP and Optum® are the exclusive Proud Partners of THE PLAYERS. Proceeds from THE PLAYERS benefit Northeast Florida charities and have totaled more than $100 million since it began in 1974 and moved to Ponte Vedra Beach in 1977. In 2019, THE PLAYERS generated a record $9.25 million for local charities. For more on THE PLAYERS, visit THEPLAYERS.com. For more on the surrounding areas, visit floridashistoriccoast.com or visitjacksonville.com

Five Reasons You Should Apply for the First Tee National Championship

First Tee’s teen participants have an exciting new opportunity to explore their future and the possibilities golf can provide at the first-ever First Tee National Championship. Hosted at Clemson University’s The Walker Course on June 21-26, 2020, the tournament will bring together First Tee’s elite players for an opportunity to showcase how the program has helped build the strength of character needed to play at the next level. Are you thinking about applying? Do you know someone who might be interested? Here are five reasons why you should pursue the opportunity.

1.Opportunity to Further Develop Your Strength of Character

Experience elite competition that will put you to the test and showcase your inner strength, self-confidence and resilience required to compete at the next level.

2.The “College Experience”

First Tee National Championship provides much more than playing in a 54-hole stroke-play event. Take part in the “college experience” including dorm-living, an official Clemson University campus tour, capped off with dinner at the West End Zone Club of the football team’s Memorial Stadium.

3.Exemption into the PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee

That’s right! The winners of each male/female division will earn an exemption into the PGA TOUR Champions’ PURE Insurance Championship held at Pebble Beach Golf Links this September.

4.Connect with Friends and Elite Players

Spend time with peers who are pursuing a similar path and can become a future go-to team as you take on new challenges and explore opportunities within golf.

5.Premier Challenge for the Competitive Golfer

This tournament promises heightened competition and an exciting golf environment. It will bring the most elite First Tee athletes to compete for the Tattersall Cup. A great addition to your resume! Ready to apply? Click here for more information on the First Tee National Championship.

20 Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2020

We are already well into the first month of a new decade, and we are thrilled to experience all of the exciting and impactful events and initiatives 2020 has in store. Here are 20 things we’re looking forward to this year, in no particular order.
  1. Kicking off our inaugural First Tee National Championship hosted at Clemson University June 21-26, 2020
  2. Watching a participant demonstrate confidence as he or she plays alongside a PGA TOUR pro through the Wells Fargo Succeeding Together Contest
  3. Celebrating chapter anniversaries and the long lasting impact they’ve had in their communities
  4. Empowering girls to build their inner strength and set goals to prepare for their future during the John Deere Drive Your Future Academy
  5. Welcoming new schools and youth centers across the country which bring new opportunities and exposure to the game of golf through First Tee National School Program and DRIVE.
  6. Pairing veterans and First Tee participants in a Presidents Cup Style event at the Perfect Sense Unified Challenge
  7. Supporting participants with their collegiate aspirations with the John Deere Power For Good Scholarship Contest
  8. Launching the First Tee College Scholarship Program featuring a wrap-around experience to support alumni throughout their college career.
  9. Providing a life-changing experience for participants focused on building their character at the Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. Life Skills & Leadership Academy
  10. Enjoying an inside look at what it’s like working at one of the largest corporations in the world during Coca-Cola America’s Future.
  11. Playing golf on National Golf Day
  12. Celebrating those who reach the pinnacle of First Tee, through our ACE program.
  13. Participants demonstrating their values and character while competing on the national stage at Pebble Beach during the PURE Insurance Championship
  14. Bringing teens together at the Youth Leadership Summit
  15. Interacting with kids and families during the U.S. Open
  16. Golf’s return to the XXXII Olympic Summer Games
  17. Expanding our First Tee Alumni program
  18. Watching First Tee participants at Augusta National for the Drive, Chip & Putt competition
  19. Impacting millions of participants across the world.
  20. Empowering our youth and teaching kids honesty, confidence and goal-setting to ensure a brighter future.

Clemson University to Host Inaugural First Tee National Championship

72 First Tee teens to compete for Tattersall Cup in elite tournament at The Walker Course on June 21-26

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (Jan. 9, 2020) – First Tee announces the first-ever First Tee National Championship will be held June 21-26, 2020 at Clemson University. The event will bring together First Tee’s elite players for an opportunity to showcase how the program has helped build the strength of character needed to play at the collegiate or next level. The winners of each girls and boys’ division will be awarded with the Tattersall Cup named after First Tee Trustee, Fred Tattersall. Each winner will earn an exemption into the PGA TOUR Champions’ PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee held at Pebble Beach Golf Links September 18-20, 2020. “We are excited to announce the First Tee National Championship and play our inaugural event at Clemson University,” said Greg McLaughlin, First Tee president. “Our goal is to provide each participant with a college level experience both on and off the golf course. We are thankful to longtime First Tee supporter Fred Tattersall for creating this opportunity for the young people in our chapter network.” First Tee National Championship will be held annually at various college campuses around the nation providing First Tee participants the opportunity to network with participants from across the country and take in the “college experience” including dorm-living, campus tours and more. Clemson University’s The Walker Course is set to host the inaugural Championship. Applications for First Tee participants will open January 28. Applicants will be selected based on their golf skill, competitive golf experience and handicap. First Tee is a youth development organization dedicated to helping young people build character through the game of golf. The National Championship is one of more than 10 national opportunities provided by First Tee headquarters to empower and motivate teens as they progress through the program and toward higher education opportunities. For more information on the tournament and First Tee, visit www.firsttee.org. *** About First Tee First Tee (www.firsttee.org) is a nonprofit youth development organization whose mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character and instill life-enhancing values through the game of golf. Since its beginning in 1997, First Tee has expanded to reach millions of young people on golf courses, in elementary schools and at other youth-serving locations. Its headquarters are in St. Augustine, Florida, USA, with programs in all 50 United States and select international locations.

Celebrating an Impactful Year: A Message from President of First Tee, Greg McLaughlin

As 2019 draws to a close, I can’t help but be proud of the millions of lives that have been impacted this year through First Tee. Whether it’s on a golf course, in school or at a community center, we are helping young people build their strength of character and empowering them to pursue their goals. This year marks our 22nd year helping kids and teens develop character through the game of golf. It takes a strong network of chapters and support from our partners, donors, staff and volunteers, to ensure we reach young people with our life-changing programs. Thank you for your contributions to our mission to help us reach tomorrow’s leaders. Here are some of our favorite moments from the year. We look forward to making many more in 2020. Warm regards, Greg McLaughlin President, First Tee

First Tee’s Top 5 Moments from 2019

1. Expanding Across the Globe

This year, First Tee expanded by four new chapters! With support from partners like Citi and the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation, First Tee expanded to Australia, Morocco, North Coast (Calif), and West Texas.

2. U.S. Open Junior Experience featuring First Tee

First Tee experienced the U.S. Open like never before. Our interactive venue welcomed kids and families to learn more about our fun and educational programs. From celebrity drop-ins to the announcement of a $15,000 grant from USGA for local First Tee chapters, we made a huge impact and had a great time along the way.

3. PURE Insurance Championship Impacting The First Tee

This year’s PURE Insurance Championship was a huge success! Sportsmanship and teamwork were out in full force as participants, family and friends came out to support the 78 junior players. It was the trip of a lifetime for First Tee teens who competed, including Ashley Menne from First Tee of Phoenix and Sam Sommerhauser from First Tee of Greater Sacramento who won the female and male pro-junior titles.

4. THE PLAYERS Kids Zone presented by First Tee

First Tee returned to THE PLAYERS Championship with a larger-than-life set-up representing the hub for family fun at the tournament. The tent featured activities like a putting challenge, golf simulator and digital photo booth to document all of the smiles. THE PLAYERS 2019 Champion Rory McIlroy, along with Tommy Fleetwood, helped kick-off the week with clinic for 100 local First Tee participants.

5. Charles Schwab Announced $5 Million Grant to Impact First Tee Chapters in Texas

Charles Schwab announced his donation of $5 million to nine First Tee chapters in Texas in the form of a challenge grant. Over the next three years, Charles Schwab will match donations to the chapters to expand programs and deepen their impact statewide.  We can’t wait to see the continued support and success of our First Tee Texas chapters.